JR Central gives up on opening new maglev train service in 2027


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Someone is not getting a bonus.

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I am glad the hear that some one is listening when it come to the impact on environment, The UK is hell bent on our HS2 which will only serve a handful of people in the UK, it will almost be a failure financially ( just like HS1) and will be redicupliuosly expensive.

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As so often, corporate ego and 'sunk cost fallacy' is written all over this.

Revenue projections are certainly based on the pre-Covid (if not 'Showa') way of doing business. Come 2027, when we'll look back and laugh at how primitive Zoom was, the Tokaido will mostly be in the Cloud, not on rails.

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If no covid-19 vaccine is found and the world is more susceptible to pandemics in the future, then large-scale public transportation won't make much sense, unless it involves private pods.

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The population is declining and aging, and the country already has the best public rail system in the world. Why do they continue to add capacity?

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Japan Airlines and JNR, now JR Central have been working on it since 1970, obtaining funding in 2007, routes were proposed in 2008, and had official government approval in 2011. So what have the officials in Shizuoka been doing for the last umpteen years?

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Shouldn't they have secured the land and construction rights before all the fanfare?

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will be redicupliuosly expensive.

Now, Brian, there is a word that you don't come across everyday

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Unusual for Japan and a shame. Hopefully Gov Kawakatsu will be deposed whenever his next election is due and someone with common sense will prevail. Japan has led the way for a long time with these kinds of projects. The current Tokkaido Shinkansen line will need major remedial work in the early 2030's and this would have enabled it to keep running with enough capacity to maintain competiton with the airlines in a frankly, more environmentally way.

Your comparisons to HS1 and HS2 in the UK are pointless as they serve such a short distance compared to this project.

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GLAD to hear that, CONGRATULATION to Japan and it's people.

I was a non sense project from the start saving 40 minutes at the cost of how many billions of yens, the existing service is just fine and yes the slower the more enjoyable.

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There will be no Linear Chuo Shinkansen station in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Perhaps the Shizuoka government would change their mind if a station was added...?

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Too costly a project for too little benefit in face of the declining Japanese population, existing infrastructure ( both rail and air ) and most recently covid19 driven hallelujah revelation that even in Japan telework / remote business meetings are possible and effective. Having said that the vested interests that stand to make billions from the project heavily funded by preferential govt loans ( read our taxes ) to JR, will make sure it goes ahead regardless. J-inc way.

There will be no Linear Chuo Shinkansen station in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Perhaps the Shizuoka government would change their mind if a station was added...?

Right on the money mate.

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I don't understand. If water flows into the tunnel, then the train can't run. What is the use of going there?

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@ Garymalm,, its either a typo or my poor key board skills or auto correct, haha, it should have read ridiculous

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