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Nagasaki urges break from nuclear deterrence at reduced A-bomb anniversary


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As terrible as Nuclear weapons are and the tragic events that happened here in Japan let’s also not forget that the firebombs of Tokyo killed more people than both Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

I agree we need to end Nuclear weapons, but we need to end WAR in general. Conventional weapons are no better than nukes.

The world has had a chance all these years to learn from the effects that WARs cause especially on the innocents, but unfortunately it seems we haven’t learned anything.

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The world has had a chance all these years to learn from the effects that WARs cause especially on the innocents, but unfortunately it seems we haven’t learned anything.

No "we" haven't, since it is the powers that be that dictate our lot.

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So Japan wants everyone but the united states to give up their nuclear weapons ?

Nagasaki is a small city in Japan. The person calling for this was the mayor of that city. Not even a prefectural governor, much less federal government.

And that all said, I don't believe that the US is excluded from the nations they were calling upon. Unless you have something somewhere to show the mayor has excluded America from his comments.

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“So please don't use the excuse of dictatorship because Japan isn't China”

What are you talking about? My comment has nothing to do about dictatorships or China it’s about us as humanity. How many wars and conflicts have there been since WW2

If you don’t understand the statement being made then ask first before you assume. I honestly can’t see how you could of read that and come to that conclusion. Wow

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CigarCowboy ...

Some posters on JT manage to turn every article into "China bad".

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And by the way kishida also said the same as the Nagasaki mayor

This article isn’t about Kishida. It’s about the mayor of Nagasaki. Whom you seem to forget isn’t a representative of Japan or even a prefecture. Just one city.

And again, where did he exclude the US? Your “logic” relies on six degrees of assumptions.

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Until the ability to make profit from arms manufacturing is ended we will never see countries give up their arsenals, or an end to conflict around the world. It's all about the $$$'s

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Peace is precious. Non-violence is the weapon of the strong. All other weapons are toys in the hands of the weak. Long live peace based on non-violence.

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Japan will continue to observe its three non-nuclear principles of not possessing, producing or permitting the introduction of nuclear weapons.

And hiding under the U.S. nuclear umbrella. Don’t forget to mention that Mr Prime Minister.

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I wish this guy were in charge when it came to actually ratifying a ban on nuclear weapons instead of the current leaders saying we need them for protection.

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Denounce nuclear weapons sure but Japan became an arms dealer under Abe. Are they going to rescind that? Or is this more do as I say not as I do kinda thing

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You do need any weapon,when you can pacify,your adversaries psychologically ,an American would never confront another American,if he believes he will get the short end of the stick ,

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A nuclear war will be the end of the human species. It is not a good way to say it, but the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are like little firecrackers compared to modern nuclear bombs. Scientists have calculated that bombs dropped on 10 large cities will create enough smoke to pollute the air making it unbreathable, and we'll all die. Remember that the atmosphere around the earth is actually very thin.

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