Rain sends people back to shelters in quake-hit Osaka area


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A number of neighbourhoods around me were issued evacuation notices, but fortunately mine was not. At least that typhoon that was forming didn't hit.

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I guess you are not living in the mountain area so it was not necessary. You said you already had gas? I thought entire Ibaraki was out of gas.

Btw they are handing out free portable gas stoves at the cityhall. 1 per household for anyone who is interested.

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Abe promised to take care of those affected by the quake-the Osakans should give home a call.....!

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Glad to hear you're okay Smith.

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Papigiulio not all of Ibaraki is out of gas. The central part of Ibaraki has no gas, but they are repairing now.

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Good move by Sharp. Sorry about their problems, but always liked their products and the sense of solidarity with Osaka.

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