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24 more COVID cases associated with Olympics reported


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A safe and secure Olympics indeed!

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It makes sense that if the numbers are accelerating in the general population, they would also in the "Olympic Land". Rumor has it that the Tokyo number today is 4500.

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bringing the cumulative total to 193, include 3 athletes from overseas, all staying in the village.

2 people from overseas involved with the Olympics have been hospitalized, so far.

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So 24, 17 are residents of Japan.

so 7 foreigners


176 of 39209= .00448

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I imagine that by now the IOC, JOC and LDP are simply beyond caring at this point and will continue to trot out their clichés about how smoothly the games are going and look at the shiny medals.

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They really are living in a different parallel world.

That’s the only part I believe immediately and without doubt, although in quite another meaning.

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They aren't living in a different parallel, stop saying things which you have no idea about. We see in foreign Olympics reports that they are able to shop twice a day and train without supervision so they could be doing anything in between the time they're in their room and "shopping and training"

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We see in foreign Olympics reports that they are able to shop twice a day and train without supervision


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Athletes are not under strict quarantine measures. Since Monday this week I have seen groups of people that must be involved in the Olympics walking around the streets in Marunouchi, in cafes, even sitting around chatting with their masks off. I don't have a problem with these people being here, just don't lie about the fact they're roaming around.

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Once and forever again, how is this news when there’s almost 10,000 positives per day outside the Olympics, and even the great majority of cases linked to the Olympics concerns “residents of Japan” (how language becomes suddenly careful when the word associated with the virus would be Japanese and not foreigner). The case of the 12 Hyogo policemen is pretty clear: while the visitors are tested and isolated, the locals are interacting with the village even when in any other country they would be identified as close contacts.

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Don't have a link but have seen on BBC how they live inside a "bubble"

Was only 5 minutes but they showed what they could and couldn't do in their free time. Dutch, German news showed similar mini focus. Maybe you can find on you tube

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"They (athletes) really are living in a different parallel world to all intents and purposes," said an IOC mouthpiece.

False. But you, Mark Adams, and your ilk, are inhabiting a parallel universe.

Various reports are coming out confirming the main issue: it's not specifically the 'dangerous foreigner' of Japan's imagination that is the problem, it's having hundreds of thousands of people mixing and moving in the middle of a surge in virus cases. The uptick started before the start of the latest SoE, and has picked up pace at the same time as tens of thousands have arrived. Drivers, catering staff, security, cleaners, temp staff, volunteers, organisers, journalists all have regular daily contact with each other, some also with athletes. And then people, mostly locked out of the stadiums, are also gathering near event sites or along roads to try and catch a glimpse of the action. Plus a few who actually get into a stadium to watch an event. It's this mass movement of people which is firing up the infection, already accelerated by Delta. And how many teams are not even staying in the village in Tokyo? How many have spent days or weeks travelling to and from training camps all over the country? Playing matches with local teams? Three articles below give lots of examples; the first is particularly telling.




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I wonder if this includes the 12 policemen working at the village and a number of others in quarantine as close contacts? They were staying in cramped accommodation off site with not enough bathroom facilities.


There was also a report earlier in the week of some bus drivers in similar accommodation. They were moved out to hotels I think.

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In a live feed from Tokyo on Australian tv reporter candidly said there were about 2000 spectators at the swimming, everyone cheering loudly. disregarding the Olympic playbook. No one at the Olympics cares about COVID. Most, if not all people, who have got it at the games are asymptomatic and it is just bad luck they got picked up by testing, Everyone is having a great time and doesn't care. The media is churning out non stop fairy tale victory stories to support them and the Japanese people are loving it. The games will be remembered as the greatest games ever and mankind's victory over the virus., and the LDP will win with an even greater majority because of it. Some athletes may test positive on their return to there home country, if they are even tested, but most will be asymptomatic and just get better.

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@anon99999 Apart from a few die-hard sports fanatics, even those who are watching the Olympics probably disagree with it being held. I doubt that the current PM Suga will still be in power after the elections.

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So these contractors and officials went home to their fammilies at the end of the day before they tested posetive for COVID, right? They went for a drink at their local bar or restaurant. Therefore how can anyone say that they are not bringing COVID out from the Olympic bubble?

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The sky is falling!! We're doomed!! Hurry stricter measures! It's the only way!!!!

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