Volcano erupts on Kagoshima Pref island; alert level raised


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When Mt Otake becomes a volcano...

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I know the island well. One big mother of a volcano, lucky less than a 100 people live on the Island.

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This is not news in the sense that Suwanose is CONSTANTLY erupting and has been for hundreds of years.

I hope the 48 inhabitants are safe and that the authorities are standing by for a possible sudden evacuation!

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I hope nobody gets hurt.

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The last time Suwanose was evacuated it was in the mid80s.

To the English speakers the island is best known for the Beat Generation’s community of writers and Beatnics of the 50s.

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People do know Fuji-san is an active volcano?

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Hawaii Island had an eruption last week. I guess the volcanos are communicating

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