Japan to expand COVID quasi-emergency to 29 of 47 prefectures


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What’s the point if this now? It’s already spread all over this small island of Japan.

Plus, how do you stop infections without stopping society? What does that even mean Yuriko? Elaborate if you can……

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"Just" another one of those "quasi SOE".

It ain't gonna help much, that's for sure.

Omicron, too, doesn't worry about the time of the day or night.

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Did virus read the clock?

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Did virus read the clock?

No, it’s still too dark in the evening for reading clocks, but it has developed a feeling for when it’s time to show up until next morning. About 8pm, 8.30pm or 9pm, depending from the alcohol level in the air. lol

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Exactly, International image about Japan has been damaged. People keen about South Korea among non English countries. Specially students.

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The latest Covid data from Switzerland has irrefutably illustrated the benefit of the Covid booster against virus-related deaths. Of the 2.1 million Swiss who have received a booster shot, just 299 - or 0.014 percent - have been hospitalised due to Covid, highlighting the effectiveness of the booster campaign in preventing harsh courses of the disease.

Japan will join that cohort, once booster shots are administered.

Until then, declaring a state of emergency where determined by an influx of cases to local hospitals is a more than wise policy.

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It's interesting that you would create an article like this but not list the 29!

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