Japanese journalist briefly detained in Myanmar while covering protests


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Watch the government seize his passport when he returns... It won't be the first time they've done it to a correspondent working in a war zone.

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My friend in Burma said the Coup regime was terrorizing on civillian every midnight. The Soldiers and Police were coming into the ward and looking for arrest the leaders of demonstrators and peoples whom posted anti-coup regime on the facebook at the middle of the night. They come in the middle of the night with about 100 soldiers and Police on the 8 to 10 Military trucks. The 80 soldiers will take a position on the both sides of the street. The Police and Military Intelligence officers will go home to home and arrest peoples in their lists.

It looks like watching the WW2 movie and SS officers looking for dissidents and Jew.

There's prisoners will be tortured before sending to prison in the Military compound.

No Government should be recognized and communication with Coup regime as legitimate Burmese Government. Coup leader Min Aung Hlaing and his Generals are just power bandit and commiting treason against legimate peoples elected Government.

Please note, the coup leader prefer to call them as coup regime. So, please call them as coup regime or power bandit group.

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so I don't think their explanation is right."

Of course it isn't. These rotten scumbags wanted to intimidate and make an example out of a foreign jouralist, or any 'outsiders; for that matter. Their message is: Stay away and bug off.

Keep it all out of sight. Undercover of the night....

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Good to know he's alive and safe. It just reminds me of Kenji Nagai, a Japanese photographer working for AFP who was shot dead in Yangon back in 2007 amid protests and crackdown.

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