2 dead as powerful typhoon makes landfall in central Japan


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There were about 6 fire engines and a fire helipcoter hovering around near the Tamagawa river this morning. I thought maybe someone had fallen in...

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A 70 year-old jumping into the water in the middle of a typhoon. To get a rope.

I thought people grew wiser with age

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A 70 year-old jumping into the water in the middle of a typhoon.  You can't blame this on the typhoon. This is just pure stupidity.

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I got literally knocked down by a gust yesterday. Never happened before.

Must be getting old.... : (

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Hirashima, who saw the scaffolding collapsing as he was passing by, was unable to get out of the way, 

how could you confirm this with him if he is dead?

Anyway, one out walking, one on a boat, in a TYPHOON. come on people

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Trains along Biwako have all been stranded since 3.00 Tuesday. Stopped because of the strong winds. Found out this morning the reason they are still there is that concrete some of the lines electriciyu iylons have been blown over.

Also lots of trees down and rooves blown off or damaged. Was a strong storm.

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2nd biggest I've experienced in Japan. No electricity, so no bath. 3 of my fences smashed. Lordy knows where my 4 garbage bins went to. Spent 15 minutes looking around for them. But I got off lightly as I have a strong concrete house. My neighbor, 74 years old, lost her roof, her utility shed and her pride and joy garden is finished.

next came the drive to work this morning. First road closed because of fallen power pole, then next fallen tree. Then the route to work was closed, as was the next one. Arrived at work 2 hours late. 1 hour in a traffic jam needing a toilet.

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Considering your ordeal with the typhoon there was no Goodlucktoyou.

Glad you were safe and I am sure the electricity will be back by the time you

return home from work.

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“ sure the electricity will be back by the time you return home from work.”

Last time a typhoon knocked out my electricity it was a week before we had power again. And considering the circumstances at the time I still considered that on the lucky side. Hopefully goodlucktoyou won’t have to wait a week but it’s best to be prepared. I try to prepare my disaster kits based on the presumption we’ll be without electricity for a while and that propane supplies might be cut off too.

Good of luck to those affected this time and I hope you stay safe.

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I have solar panels, but bloody well can't figure how to switch over as everything is in Japanese, and there are wires and boxes everywhere. Still no power, so a romantic candlelit dinner is on course, so maybe it is goodlucktome tonight.

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Oops, typo

Good of luck — Good luck

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Boats are an expensive asset and for some people, it's their lively hood. He must have been trying to stop someone's livelihood being washed away or damaged. imo

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Since the man’s boat had engine trouble and he died trying to catch a rope from another boat, it sounds as if the other boat was trying to rescue him from his stalled boat.

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i live near tamagawa river . when i came back after doing a night shift . i was suprised by the rise in water levels . there are big playgrounds on the side where i live they were covered in water . i wonder what happened to those homeless living near the bank

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“how could you confirm this with him if he is dead?”

Perhaps there were witnesses who saw him look up before being hit?

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Up to five dead now, including a woman who drowned inside her car. Plus one missing, they are saying.

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@mok. There are a lot of Tamagawa places in Japan. I assume Saitama?

i few years ago, I was angry because when I visited Kyoto, the police removed the homeless from the riverbank of the main tourist river. I thought it was just aesthetics, until I saw the river roar down in a storm and take their blue taupalin homes away. I hope the underclass in your area survived and can have hope for their future.

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@goodluck to you . i live in ota-ku area .i also hope that the homeless were removed . but i wonder if they could take their things with them . they had built small houses and they also had cooking utensils.

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