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88 dead, over 50 missing after massive flood, landslides in southwest Japan


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Please guide The Rescuers and keep them safe may those who are still alive be found quickly and May everyone be accounted for by the time this is over

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So tragic, much of Japan is built on flood plains :(

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Very sad, my thoughts are with them.

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Motoyama-cho in Kochi got 1600mm of rain or 66 inches over those 3 days or so. My hometown on the US east coast gets about 47 inches/year, and it's not like I grew up in Death Valley. Astonishing.

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This is terrible. Natural disasters are the worst thing about this country.

With warmer seas known to produce more precipitation, I suspect this is part of our changing climate and not just an isolated weather event. For the meantime though, I just hope that the rains can stop, the water can subside, and more people can be found alive.

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Terrible. Seeing the footage of the water flowing over the river banks I had a terrible flashback of march 2011. Looks like disasters are getting worse in Japan each year.

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Hasn't this sort of stuff happened alot throughout history though ?

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stay safe guys! There's another typhoon coming, the international name is Maria. I think southern Japan is in its trajectory. I hope they're wrong

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Hasn't this sort of stuff happened alot throughout history though ?

Yes, but not this frequently. The periods of record rainfall every year definitely plays a part, but I think the overabundance of cedar trees with their shallower root systems is contributing to the frequency of landslides too.

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Sure! Climate change is a factor. But on top of that, so many houses are built on disaster-prone land here in Japan. It's mind-boggling.

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Safery of the people of Japan are in our thought and prayers !

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