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'Chibanian' adopted as name for geologic age


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Chibanian. It almost sounds like an alien species out of Star Wars or Star Wars. As in, "Captain Kirk, the Chibanian Ambassador is ready to beam aboard."

In all seriousness, though, this is pretty cool from a scientific perspective. That it shows the last known reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles is scientifically important. Particularly given that there has been some discussion that another such reversal may occur in the not-to-distant future.

The Chibanian Age. Pretty cool.

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The end of the Chibanian corresponds with the end of an ice age. There was then a 15,000-year inter glacial period, then the most recent ice age, ending about 11,700 years ago.

Homo Sapiens started about 200,000 years ago, in Africa, during the Chibanian age. If only we had some way to view how humans coped during the last 200,000 years, most of which was an ice age. Our current split into races seems to have occurred solely during the Holocene, after the last ice age. It would be fascinating to find out if our species was able to spread out and evolve races during the inter glacial period of 130,000 years ago to 115,000 years ago, only to retreat closer to the equator as the planet cooled again. It is possible that there was a race, or races, back then that subsequently went extinct, or evolved, when the planet cooled down again.

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Why are there two adjective-making endings (-n and -ian) stacked on each other? Can't something from Chiba just be Chiban, as something from Cuba is Cuban? It feels weird to hear things from Guam being called Guamanian with this kind of double ending.

Is there some rule that these ages have to end in -ian or something like that?

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At least its not Chika would be chikan in your system. Good point though.

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I blame latinization of everything science.

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""We feel responsible for being in charge of something rare even in the entire world," said Ayumi Ishii, a 62-year-old tour guide for the site."

It's amazing what people will take pride in and credit for, like the area had anything to do with a geological period in time, or the people living there, now, patting themselves on the back and shedding tears of joy. It's so sad, sometimes, when people talk about these things as their claims to fame. I think the university that put in all the work to get the name should be pretty proud, but that's about it.

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Very cool, I am in Chiba & I studied a fair bit of Geology way back in time. Chibanian…..I like it!

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