Court rules against restarting nuclear power plant in Hokkaido


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A court on Tuesday ordered a nuclear power plant in Hokkaido to remain offline as requested by over 1,000 plaintiffs due to safety concerns, in a rare decision issued while the operator is seeking permission from authorities to restart the plant.

Good decision

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Due to the war in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia, a power shortage is expected throughout Japan. The 1,000 plaintiffs should start chopping wood for fuel to warm themselves during the bitterly cold winter in Hokkaido.

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Expect an appeal to a higher court, until they get approval.

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a power shortage is expected throughout Japan.

If that is in fact the case, Japan, Inc. need to take responsibility because they have done so little these last many decades with regard to trying to help Japan become energy independent.

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Under ‘Stress Tests’ for Tomari. (Wiki)

“Seismic research in 2011 showed that the March 11 quake was caused by the simultaneous movement of multiple active faults at the coast of the Pacific Ocean in northern Japan and that much bigger earthquakes could be triggered than the plants were built to withstand. In February, the Tokai Daini Plant in Ibaraki Prefecture and the Tomari power facility in Hokkaido said that they could not rule out the possibility that the plants were vulnerable.”

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On one hand it's good. We all know the risk that nuclear reactors can pose in the event of earthquakes and tsunamis. On the other hand the cost of energy is a major issue for every country.

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Nuclear energy is the cleanest, safest, cheapest, most reliable source of energy.

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