Weather agency issues rare downpour warning to Tokyo, 6 other areas


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Shibuya is at the bottom the Miyamasu and Dogen slopes. There’s lots of water gathering. The outlet is towards Ebisu and Nakameguro via Meguro and Furu rivers. If you’re in that are be careful as in all other areas. Todoroki valley is a gushing river now.

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Tokyo is unusually quiet - It's like New Years Day outside, everywhere closed baring the odd FamilyMart and 7-11 store. River level rising to the highest level I've seen it at for years.

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I was thinking earlier, it's just as well we don't also have an earthquake... and guess what we have one (albeit a small 3)... well at least is wasn't a big one like 3/11.

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Checked the river again, at least its level has dropped, probably tidal effect earlier. Hopefully there wont be a huge storm surge as that may if big enough cause some flooding. Residents next to the river have sandbags lined up outside their properties.

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Don't think I ever seen so many emergency warnings at one time. If you are in those take care.

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In America, we get wall to wall coverage of major events, from private and government sources weather, look like Tokyo will be in storm for at least 12 hours until 10 am Sunday, Tokyo time, other weather sources Google Darksky Tokyo. Google Meteoblue Tokyo Japan Google Geos 17 Japan

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So is that giant underground water vault finally going to get used?

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Seems that this article is out of date- at one point I think I recall this warning was in effect for 11 prefectures. Quite a large area for such a severe warning.

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Please note in face of this epic downpour- the streets are not flooded.

That's because Japan has highly efficient underground water drainage systems that work to avoid flooding in its downtown core.

[ I think there is no other G7 metropolis that has a similar eflective infrastructure in place}

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I have seen photos and video of flooded streets in Tokyo.

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Any idea what that Saturday evening howling wind was all about in Tokyo? Sounded like either the eye of the typhoon passing over or a tornado. Not much rain falling at that time. Spooky!

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