Japanese man detained in China's Hunan Province since July


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Spy my hind leg. Heck, you break ridiculous Chinese “law” and get social demerits by calling panda boy Xi panda face.

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China is literally modern nazi germany with concentration camps, human experiments and worse. Worse than germany ever became back then. They lie, steal and infiltrate.

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Better not easily go to China. You may be arrested detained for years due to spy charge.

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Ah, Mr/Ms Salaku, you've had the same experience with this page setup that I have had, multiple postings of the same comment because it doesn't post and doesn't post and then, 5-7 postings all at once.

In any case, my response to your comment regarding China is that you may want to deep read U.S. history because everything you accuse China of, indeed, everything which the World accuses the NAZIs of, has occurred at some time in my own United States. We were giving innocent Central Americans virulent STDs in the 1940s to study such diseases, withholding Syphilis treatments for the same reasons, at least on a par with Mengele. The U.S. conducted the largest STATE-SPONSORED, CHURCH-SPONSORED Genocide of indigenous people, of ANY PEOPLE, in HUMAN HISTORY. Internally, we fight to maintain the last vestiges of the last country to 'give up' chattel slavery of our fellow Humans. We immolated hundreds of thousands of people here in Japan (brown people so no 'bad') just to see whether Uranium or Plutonium made a better tool for political dominance. We continuously recruit and place in power over their hapless peoples the purest clinical psychopaths we can discover to facilitate our thefts of their resources. We call as 'allies' some of the most murderous and in-your-face racist political regimes ever to exist. And pages more that China will need several more generations of egregious mass murder to even begin to equal. I do not defend China, I defend BALANCE. It is NOT China that you (rightly) condemn, it is Humanity, it is US, Humans. Accusing any individual Human identity group of being 'worse' than any other obscures our real problem, ourselves and the programmed beliefs instilled in us as children to facilitate the behaviors of our conscienceless 'elites', our rulers. And this psychopathy is universal in us. No Human identity group can survive against the rest of us without it. We will 'eat' them much as the U.S. has 'eaten' the Hawaiian People or Japan the Okinawan People as only the most superficial of examples. If you would condemn 'inhumane' behavior, there is ONLY ONE SOURCE OF INHUMANE BEHAVIOR ON EARTH: HUMANITY. In toto. That's where we need to start...or end.

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