Tokyo reports 206 new coronavirus cases


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206 is just a tip of the iceberg. We know they are doing no testing here, virtually none, no contact tracing, no nothing, with the hope that the numbers will remain low, 2021 will roll around and boom Tokyo Olympics will be here with us.

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Hello from Austin, TX where we are now experiencing a strong upsurge of Covid infected individuals. The lack of sensible State Leadership beginning with the Governor, an avid supporter of Trump and his in-effective pandemic policies, has now exposed the state to rapidly increasing numbers of pandemic victims. People in the younger age groups, 20-30+ years old, are now the fastest rising group of infected, while the older age of 50-70+ is decreasing. The reasons are definitely traced to: the relaxation of Mask & Distancing "suggestions" which during the Memorial Day & July 4th Holidays saw hundreds, even thousands of people, celebrating at Parks, Beaches, & Home events, not wearing Masks & not Social Distancing. Here in Texas, as well as other Southern & Western States, we're experiencing a continuation of the 1st Wave of the Virus... not a 2nd Wave.

This virus is doing more physical damage than initially thought. Medical experience + autopsies are revealing more physical damage than initially predicted. Consequently, in Texas, the Governor has Mandated Masks & Social Distancing because too many citizens disregarded the medically intelligent Suggestions.

I've lived in Tokyo 2X's for about 15 years. My concerns for Japan are: Politics leaning towards the desires of Business to remain open, the under-reporting of Covid Cases, and the strong possibility of infected individuals electing to stay at home... among others. I can only say to you all, Covid is no typical FLU, the results can vary from person to person and can last a lifetime. People of all ages are dying. Protect yourself, your family & friends, and wear a Mask everyday, everywhere you go. If the Government isn't protecting you then you must take responsibility for your health and the Health of your Community. Be Well, Be Safe.

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Yes, we get excited everyday for a few hundreds over a population of 128 millions.

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How are people catching this virus if they're following the guidelines of spacing, wearing masks and washing their hands often before touching their faces?

Are the guidelines wrong?

If the guidelines are wrong, is the virus jumping by telepathy, by just looking at someone, or shedding from your hair?

If the guidelines are correct, then people catching this virus must not be following them.

That means that they are victims of their behavior.

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8 .... it goes on.
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About 60 marines in Okinawa are infected with the virus.

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A full lockdown can't be sustained indefinitely. But a smart partial lockdown on the locations and activities most likely to cause the highest transmissions could be sustained a lot longer than a full lockdown, and would allow the other areas of the economy to keep going and help to support those areas that are locked down.

It appears, so far at least, that indoor activities where masks can't be worn and close contact can't be avoided are more risky than other areas.

So keep the bars and nightclubs and hostess clubs closed for now, keep the numbers reasonably low, and that will allow most of the other businesses to keep operating.

It won't work 100%, but it'll be much more effective than doing nothing, and much less harmful than shutting everything down again.

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Well done ETHAN1001. You've proven you can operate a calculator.

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More cases will come. Maybe. Japanese reports have became more accurate that's all.

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So let me get this straight. 982 Japanese deaths from Covid. Predominantly older people or those with health issues already. Thats 982/126, 000, 000 people. That's 0.00000779365% of the population who have died from Covid and 99.99999220635% of the population who haven't died from Covid.

Sleep on that tonight and remember it when you see the economic figures for the first two quarters of 2020!

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Of course the nightlife district yealds covid results if that's the only district you are testing. People in these comments surprise me.


The naivety is mind boggling.

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If they don't cooperate in setting up appropiate anti-virus measures, shut them down. It's not like they are essential to society

What are the measures ?

Why do you think they are not cooperating. They have been more than cooperative and testing. I bet you this level of cooperation won't ever be gotten from the general public considering all the discrimination those infected face.

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Increase the testing, identify the clusters and go after them. It is no secret that kyabakura and host clubs in Shinjuku and Ikebukuro have largely contributed to the increase of infections. 

It is extremely naive to think infections are restricted to shinjiku and ikebukuro. Last time I checked there where other notable nightlife districts in tokyo like roppongi, ginza, akihabara mate cafes. Does it means those other nightlife districts are devoid of the virus. Scapegoating won't magically eradicate the virus.

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If they stopped trying to exclude the diamond princess from the numbers we all would have forgotten about it long ago. It's already such a small percentage of the total and will be minuscule by the time this thing has run it's course. What is the point of mentioning it.

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Of course the nightlife district yealds covid results if that's the only district you are testing. People in these comments surprise me.

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Someone, I know has been to bars and snacks regularly over the pandemic period and he intends to continue.

I say good luck to him...

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Seems the over 50 casess has need dropped, good luck with the Olympics.

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6 weeks of lockdown is what we need.

You've been bleating this forever.So the six weeks is a guarantee of working then,huh?

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The "hotel"....use google street view and you will see exactly what hotel it is, even without it being named!

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Two Japanese medical experts stated on the NHK news the other day "see this as baseball and we are only in the second inning." They further added, just because many of these 20 and 30 old individuals who are testing positive and if they are a-systematic it does not mean the virus in a week or two could not turn into where they will need hospitalization. They rounded up, just because the hospitals are not full now it could and would not take long for them to fill up and where we people could be dying in the hundreds and or thousands. People should not be relaxed where this virus is concerned and this was on the NHK news the other day.

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I wish JT would focus a little more on OTHER prefectures! Once again, it's "Japan" IS Tokyo and only unless there is a major disaster, we down here get screwed.

There are reports that the US Military, is guilty of bringing in a "cluster" of 60 infected people on two major installations here. They also have rented out the ENTIRE Hilton Double Tree in Chatan, which was temporarily closed because of the virus, and is now housing, off the base, for lord only knows why, quarantining military members and their families that have recently come from the US and are suspected of being in contact with the virus!

Complaints have been made with the ministry of foreign affairs, but that has fallen on deaf ears! The military should NOT be housing their potentially "sick" people OFF base!

We are facing a SERIOUS disaster down here if these folks spread the virus to the local community! Many Japanese work in areas where people who have been in contact with infected people work and they could very possibly infect others too!

All these cases are imported from the US!

Show a little respect for the "rest" of Japan please!

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Anyone else tired of seeing Diamond Princess in these kind of stories?

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Funny that the numbers didn't go up until after the election, eh?

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6 weeks of lockdown is what we need.

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Assuming they're correct about the nightlife districts being the main current vector, they should re-introduce evening curfews. Make them all shut down at 8pm again, and then give them some financial support.

If they do that, they may be able to keep cases to a low enough level to allow most other business to carry on. If they don't do that, they may end up having to shut everything down again in a week, which would be more expensive and have a much worse impact on many people.

TBH, this would be a good chance to get rid of all of the dodgy outdated host/hostess clubs, but since I can't see that happening, they should at least get them to close temporarily.

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doggar, @4:24 pm above, the figures are released around 3:00 pm each day for the previous 24 hours.

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People suggesting to shut down the country,should get it done to themselves.

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My bad, let me extend on that, as presumably a lot of these new cases are in hospital. As long as they are not deathly ill, I should have said.

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As long as there are no extra people ending up in hospital, this spread isn’t altogether a bad thing, just an inevitability.

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Increase the testing, identify the clusters and go after them. It is no secret that kyabakura and host clubs in Shinjuku and Ikebukuro have largely contributed to the increase of infections. If they don't cooperate in setting up appropiate anti-virus measures, shut them down. It's not like they are essential to society.

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saturday is not finished yet!

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