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Tokyo reports 27 new daily coronavirus infections


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How is that even news. 27 cases?

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Let's not damage the economy any further, we need a complete reversal of the lockdown and get the economy going again. Open the borders to tourists and let the money flow in.

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Keep the tourists out for now, still too many cases around the world to open borders.

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How many did you test? 28 people?

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Its amazing that people still give any credibility at all to the “official” numbers.

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27 confirmed new cases from how many tests?

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No credibility to the numbers whatsoever - but at lest they are doing some testing in Shinjuku so 40-50% of the unfeasibly low numbers can be traced.

No point in harping on about testing in general @gogogo - I think after almost 6 months of this you wouldn't waste the energy even typing it.

There clearly isn't going to be a second 'wave'' - and let life go on here as it is. Money needs to be spent. People need to work - and at the end of the day we are not seeing body bags being carried out of hospitals like they have elsewhere.

I do agree with keepng the borders closed (bar the archaic exclusions for foreign Residents) - through to the end of July though. It has worked elsewhere.

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@the resident

I 100% agree.

But unfortunately people here always complain. Nonstop complaining..

If the numbers are high, they scream for lockdowns, if the numbers are low, they whining about lack of tests.

You can never satisfy these kind of peoples.

Yesterday the numbers were 48. Many people here predicted the second wave, screaming for lockdowns, and so on..what will they say about the 27 today: Of Course not enough tests.

Don't expect anything else from them.

But I will say it again:

Wearing masks, washing hands, use sanitizer, and keep social distance where is it possible, and keep the borders close!

And everything will be fine!

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No point in harping on about testing in general @gogogo - I think after almost 6 months of this you wouldn't waste the energy even typing it.


Testing would never be increased, complete waste of time talking about. The purpose if testing here is completely different all othet countries.

We can as well be carriers and spreading it nobody cares as the purpose here is to show something is being done.

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Keep up the good work.

Japan has, and continues to be, globally and domestically criticised for the lack of testing. Until Japan increases and improves is testing, its official statistics will remain open for debate.

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How many people were tested?

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Time to partay, in Kabukicho, with no mask, yew!!!

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So boring. COVID was last month's news. Nobody cares any more.

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27 vs 48? These numbers don't mean much anymore. Yesterday the number was higher was because one random establishment in Kabukicho was picked out for comprehensive testing. That's one bar responsible for a doubling in cases nationwide. It tells you that the number actual cases, asymptomatic included has got to be many, many times higher. We are being held in the dark for various reasons. 48 vs. 27 in itself is not representative of any trend.

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Tokyo population 0.1% positive history(estimate 12000 have caught virus to date) 5592 recorded cases

Miyaki 0.03% positive history (projecting 70 have caught the virus) 88 recorded cases

There aren't thousands of unrecorded people spreading the virus.

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How many people were tested?

@gogogo @Do the hustle @TedSales and @WhoEverElseCares

For today, June 16, there were 2395 tests announced within regular Japan, as well as 1205 tests at port of entry (Haneda, Narita, and Kansai airports mainly), with 60 and 12 positive cases at each today respectively (so total 3600 tests, and 72 total positives).

For context, yesterday there were 977 tests with 62 positive in regular Japan, and 1183 tests with 14 positive at ports (yeah, more tests were conducte at ports of entry yesterday than at all clinics and hospitals nationwide).

And do note, that the total number of tests in regular Japandon't mean the number of newly tested, so some people who were tested may be on their 2rd or 3rd+ test if they were already confirmed to be positive a week or so ago and now are being re-tested to see if they are recovered. Not to mention doctors, health workers, and politicians who are probably routinely tested once or more per week.

This info is available daily (for June 2020) here: https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/houdou/houdou_list_202006.html

Todays info is here: https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/newpage_11906.html

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The total number of new reported cases has little meaning without knowing how many people are actually infected/symptomatic/asymptomatic.

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You just know the second wave is coming.

Yesterday was pension day and the local post office saw tons of seniors lining up some wearing masks some not with no social distancing in sight,

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The Government decided to follow the Swedish model, which is proving to be a failed strategy.

Like it or not we are subject to a 'controlled spread',(Mr. Oshitani, an expert advisor to the Govt said so, while also dismissing herd immunity) which personally I think is a terrible non-strategy.

Very limited financial support and no will to take the short term pain of strict lock down when it could have made a difference, so here we are.

A little bit here, a little bit there...it's the new 'trickle down'.

As for the vulnerable; Thanks for all the fish.

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The infection rate is between 0.003 in miyagi and 0.17 % in Osaka . If the government is aiming for herd

immunity they need to open stadiums and get people drinking in kabuki cho a.s.a.p

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Hey Carpslidy. as reported here:

''About 20 of the 48 were confirmed through group testing on people working at nightlife establishments, a new measure introduced in Tokyo, the metropolitan government said.''

...and as stated by Mr. Oshitani:

'Oshitani also dismissed the concept of herd immunity as "nonsense,” said it was "impossible” to completely eliminate the virus.'

This conflicting strategy is why I remain upset, it seems incredibly unfocused. They have re-opened the nightlife, while simultaneously understanding that it will lead to further spread, and also accepting herd immunity is not likely, all the while pursuing the Olympic Games must go on agenda.

It's a nothing strategy.

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@spinning plates

I completely agree there isnt a strategy beyond don't overrun hospitals this week.

On the news tonight one of the government panel of experts said the low number of positive cases was bad news for a second wave and then said everyone needs to avoid closed spaces so numbers don't increase.

Which is it ? Keep numbers down or allow gradual herd immunity?

If there is a strategy its stumble along until there is a vaccine.

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27 out of 27 or 100%?

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The problem is.... that its never going to go away. You either Isolate it totally, and wait for it to fade away, or just continue ad-infinitum as Japan is doing with dribs and drabs here and there popping up.

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End result - I think, sadly, unless a cure is found, Japan will become isolated from the rest of the World as being a Virus source. Contrary to those popular "conspiracy theories" that said "Japan was Safe - since that's where the CCP hierarchy sent their Families"

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