Tsukiji fish market to be redeveloped after relocation: Koike


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This was all a huge money grab by construction companies and politicians. Get ready for more scandals surrounding this new 'food theme park'.

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Sooo. When will the market move?

The most effective political result for Koike will determine when the move will happen.

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Food theme parks/food museums are usually just overpriced food courts with eateries usually changing often.

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More construction pork..... Japan Inc. as usual.

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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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Worry is how many sellers selling at Tsukiji are prepared to move to Toyosu and back to Tsukiji in 5yrs.

Already Haneda Airport Fish Market is popular add in Yokohama, Chiba might offer better deals.

If they move/split of various other locations the 'Tsukiji Brand' will suffer

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so they want me to trundle all the way to tsukiji...for a food court? give me a break. moving the fish market will effectively kill tsukiji, although i do think it is the right decision.

now let's see if koike can pin the blame on the ldp for all the problems associated with toyosu. if she does then her party will surely get a majority.

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I'm wondering if this site will be sold off at 15% of its market value due to toxic contamination to have another one of Abe's mates build a school on the site.

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I want the government out of the business of trying to run a fish market.

Privatize this thing and reduce taxes on us Tokyoites.

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Koike stressed the necessity to make the most of the name recognition of the aging Tsukiji market established in 1935.

Earlier this year, toxic chemicals, including carcinogenic benzene at up to 100 times the government-set limit, were detected there, raising further concerns about contamination and making it harder for Koike to finalize a decision.

A separate pollution expert panel on June 11 recommended fresh countermeasures including placing special sheets underneath the buildings and concrete to prevent toxic chemicals from leeching into the market area.

So, let me get this straight. The article never says the land at Toyosu is actually safe, but the priority of Koike is now to give a thumbs up to preserve the name recognition of Tsukiji?

Gee, Yuriko, how's that Swiss bank account of yours doing?

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I never understood what people loved so much about Koike, cut from the same cloth as her predecessors.

She talked big, made grand entrances at press conferences, made sure to have her face front and center when touring future Olympic venues and made the same promises about about the Olympics as she did for Tsukiji:

I'll do what's best for the people of Tokyo and keep costs down.

Well, the Olympics is going ahead, venues aren't really changing and costs are already ballooning. Not only is she keeping the toxic dump as the new site, she'll spend more money to fix up the old site so it can be a glorified rest stop with the same old same old noodle shops and overpriced snacks.

What beyond saying the right things but doing the opposite has this woman done to be loved by so many?

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Not Swiss bank.   Nippon Ginko is used by Tokyo Tomlin no Kai.  If this new plans will be profitable to Tokyo,  some day, we may be questioning what is LDP? Who is Abe?

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Waste of time, this could have been decided along time ago but she chose to draw it out costing tax payers.

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Watching Koike on TV now, and she's reeling off so many BUSINESS words. 'Market', 'brand power', 'redevelopment' etc etc...

I really really think the government should not be making decisions about what to redeveloped Tsukiji as... certainly not as a Theme Park. It sounds certain to turn into another huge waste of tax payer money.

Are there any other developed countries that have recently developed government run fish markets? I know Japanese people like to eat fish, but I don't get why there is a need for government to spend our money on this on our behalf. If there is a need for a market it will exist because it is of mutual benefit to buyers and sellers of fish products.

Sell this.

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I hope the new location, near Toyosu will be completely free of toxins.

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Calvin Coolidge once said:

We must have no carelessness in our dealings with public property or the expenditure of public money. Such a condition is characteristic either of an undeveloped people, or of a decadent civilization....

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Good news for marine life! The world's biggest consumer of it may not eat so much of it when they know that their sushi is passing through a toxic dump. I may be reading this country wrong, but they like their food niiiiice and clean.

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From what I got off the news.

Step one: move the whole shebang to Toyosu.

Step two: raze Tsukiji and rebuild within 5yrs(plan).

Step three: move the Traders/wholesalers to new Tsukiji/Food park. Distribution stays at Toyosu.

In short both sides will be used.

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Hmm, so most of the fish will still move to the polluted site as planned, but the Tsukiji site will not be sold to finance the move and will instead remain as a kind of "eat fish" theme park rather than as part of a functioning market/distribution center, the form in which its name was made.

After all the wrangling and supposed concern about food safety, this sounds worse than the original plan. Won't having two sites cost way more?

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Distribution from Toyosu makes sense as they wI'll use the wider new roads for all that truck traffic(Fish and Fruit/Veggie).

Trading will still be done at the new Tsukiji.

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Tokyo residents may not have increment of individual tax for a while if her new plan will be profitable.

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Guessing from above photo.  Visitors do not have to wear long long boots as concrete floor chase away draining floor water.  There will be a least 20th century oversize ref not ice box.

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why even think of moving at the beginning? renovation is all it need, such a historical

place to enjoy.

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Tokyo residents may not have increment of individual tax for a while if her new plan will be profitable.

I am not paying taxes to the Tokyo metro govt so that it can takes chances with it on business ventures like this though.

Distribution from Toyosu makes sense as they wI'll use the wider new roads for all that truck traffic(Fish and Fruit/Veggie).

That sounds right, but I want to know why on earth the Tokyo metro govt is building a distribution facility in the first place. Amazon, Yahoo, and various other businesses operate their own distribution facilities, and we tax payers aren't on the hook for the services that they seek to provide. I don't see that fish are so special that the Tokyo metro govt would need to be involved in the distribution. I'd be happy for that function to be privatised, and have my taxes go towards more pressing concerns. (I am not sure that more money will fix the problem but certainly the child care problem is higher on my list of priorities.)

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