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U.S. monitoring N Korea missile activity from Japan


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Okinawa—where more than half of the 50,000 U.S. troops in Japan are deployed.

Didn't Japan just pay 30 billion dollars to move them to Guam? The government wanted to kick the US out so badly now doesn't seem so important.

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Maybe a bit off-topic, but the move from Okinawa to Guam is supposed to ease the heavy footprint on Okinawa. Misawa and North Korea are a quire different matter.

I wonder if a shoot-down of a missile would be considered an act of war, or whether North Korea would do anything about it, and whether the US really wants to see a missile test, possibly in order to gauge capabilities.

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If its predicted trajectory goes into either Japan or US airspace, I say shoot the sucker down when it leaves N. Korea's.

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North Korean regime should better concentrate on feeding their people instead of expensive fireworks.

Communications satellite? What communications?

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This is a story out of Misawa Air Force Base up in Aomori and it quotes a US Army spokeman who most likely is at Camp Zama in Tokyo?


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