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U.S. nuclear sub visits Japan amid radiation leak controversy


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i don't understand the controversy with nuclear-powered military vessels when the japanese have nuclear power plants in their own backyard. ones that are being inspected by teenagers, according to earlier news stories. those are just as dangerous as anything in the US Navy.

Moderator: Japanese power plants are not relevant to this discussion.

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Jon Nylander, spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces, Japan: "Our submarines are safe."

He ain't lyin'.

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Maybe the fact that it was named after a resort town in SoCal(La Jolla) jinxed the sub and made the crew complacent.

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“Our submarines are safe.”

hahahhaha, this is said after one of the American submarines called 'Houston' for several months was spreading radioactive contamination in the pacific....

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This is a non-event blown way out of proportion by the anti-nuke crowd. Previously the Houston may or may not have leaked an insignificant amount of radiation, and monitoring while she was in Sasebo did not trigger any alarms. The La Jolla obviously just got there and nothing has happened. Ans as usual monitoring for radiation will take place. That's it end of story.

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Yes, evidently there was a negligible amount of radioactive material leaking from the USS Houston while it was at sea recently. You evidently aren't very familiar with the term 'negligible'. Assuming you're Russian, you have very little room to criticize the US Navy's nuclear submarines and their exceptional safety record, if any at all.

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Let's see, the sub actually coming to Japan is safe. A totally different sub, "may" have had a very minor leak several months ago. I dont see the need for protests.

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Regardless, a nuclear sub is docking. Monitoring for radiation leaks as usual. The protests at least keep the politicians more alert for the need of what is already in place. Monitoring.

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Sarge- great post.

US subs are the worlds safest. There is no need to fear about our safety record.

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"Japanese power plants are not relevant to this discussion."

Why do those rules not apply when the discussion/article is about Japanese power Plants and everyone post remarks about US Nuclear powered vessels. Just asking

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For th record, again. The Jgov places radiation detecting alarms underwater in the berthing areas where subs are moored (Parked).

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