U.S. tells remaining cruise passengers in Japan: Stay out for 2 weeks


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Will they be able to find a hotel that will take them? What a nightmare.

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Will they be able to find a hotel that will take them? What a nightmare.

Why would they need one? They are staying on the ship!

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Good idea.

Living in Tokyo I am pretty worried that a government lock-down could happen as this worsens. Why? Chinese travelers were streaming here all through late January and I presume the virus has spread easily on the subway. Once the numbers rise the government may be forced to impose a travel ban, etc.

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Some Americans decided to take their chances and stay on the ship. On Tuesday, they were told their names would be put on a travel restriction list.

@Yabaru Ah yes, I am seeing this now. I was thinking they were among those being released for some reason.

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I hope the US gives the Canadian and Mexican governments the names before they try to get in.

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The letter from U.S. health authorities said the passengers would not be issued a boarding pass or allowed on a flight “until you are no longer at risk of spreading infection during travel.”The letter also warned them against trying to enter the country through Mexico or Canada or at a seaport, saying “you will be stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.”

I can understand quarantining these people in the US if they change their minds and return, but the idea that the US government has taken steps to block US citizens from even attempting to reach their own country seems outrageous. What is the point of being a US citizen if you don't have an unquestionable right to enter America? If Japan were to revoke their tourist visas and deport them, is the US going to refuse their own citizens? Something tells me that none of this would withstand a legal challenge.

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Something tells me that none of this would withstand a legal challenge.

That challenge would certainly last over 14 days.

In the meantime, they'd be held with the caught illegal immigrants? The US Immigration legal system has a huge backlog.

If they did board any commercial airline, expect lawsuits by the airline, crew, other passengers, gate workers for knowingly spreading an infectious disease, should anyone else get sick ... or worse.

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@Yabaru My original comment :Will they be able to find a hotel that will take them? What a nightmare.

still stands after I reread it a 3rd time.

"...they cannot return home for at least two weeks after they come ashore."

So, do they tell the unsuspecting hotel why they want to stay 3 weeks? Are they allowed to hide the fact that they were on that ship? Will the Japanese government restrict them as well?

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Egads, I can't type today. I meant 2 weeks.

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Good luck people.

Basically Japan is letting a ship load of failed cruise quarantine out on the streets.

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as expected, US made it Tokyo issue...

tbh, Japanese authorities should do same, anyone tested positive or not tested or refusing testing is locked down in one of immigration camps, away from everyone.

If negative result, no reason they cant spend some more cash in Tokyo for couple of weeks... they already getting comped for the trip so no loss really.

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According to Japanese medical authorities (who actually treated these patients) the ones being released show no symptoms or signs of infection after 14 days of quarantine. You and I and the US government are free to worry and speculate about doomsday scenarios but it's something else to put US citizens on the DHS terrorist no-fly list and prevent them from even attempting to reach America. The US government has no first-hand knowledge of their medical condition or credible evidence that they're infected with anything. Japanese airlines seem prepared to transport them now that they've been released from quarantine.

I'm not a US citizen but if I were, this would make me very uncomfortable.

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Its understandable. The US doesn't trust Japan's shoddy quarantine work. 2 weeks out of the country should be easy provided they have the funds. Enjoy Japan for a couple of weeks. Atleast they are not under quarantine.

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It's a very shortsighted move that undermines trust. In future, why would any US citizen living abroad identify themselves or agree to have their information released to US embassy officials who show up claiming to 'help', when all they can expect is a stab in the back and an entry on the no-fly list? It's unforgivable behaviour from any government.

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