Business almost as usual in parts of Japan still under restriction


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If you open bars and shopping malls, people go out to visit these places.

What are Abe and Koike expecting? Open these establishments and people stay at home?

Stop this stay at home BS and let the people go back to live as, like everyone can see, they want to.

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Well, when laws have no teeth, that's what happens. Scientists are now saying a second wave is inevitable in Japan, and while that might not mean much in the worst nation in the world for testing (NK might be worse, actually), the next shut down will be worse.

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Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura warned people against loosening up now, “or new infections will rise back and there is a possibility we won’t able to lift the emergency by end of the month.”

The government's action is essentially "too slow and too late" again though the final decision and course of reopening are handled at local levels.

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"Japan has about 16,300 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, including around 750 deaths"

Do these numbers include or exclude the Diamond Princess cases?

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I am not sure why wish Japan to be in bad situation more than now and your comments are always negative about the situation. Dont you wish to be more positive for Japanese people to overcome this situation and everything go back to normal? This past few months was hard for everyone. Seem you enjoy complaining almost as much as they enjoy doing nothing about it.

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You may look up the numbers here:

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so this means nightclubs/live houses will never reopen? I would also consider gyms as such a place.

Im not advocating for them to reopen soon but if they are still excluded from the "final" phase, what does that mean? Maybe just a translation error.

The final phase will apply to all but cluster-prone facilities such as nightclubs.

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It's along way from over yet.

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The 2nd wave is when 400,000 die?

Is it coming in 2 weeks?

From kids going back to school?

Due to exponential growth?

When we the flatten the curve

Thanks to social distant

Just another meaningless phrase.

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@BrainGuyJapan you miss the point. Smithinjapan is not wishing bad things for Japan. He understands the Jgov PM is abesolutely useless and is a passenger not a leader

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As shown on TV, the high class Ginza clubs and other such establishments have already opened. But the working class bars remain closed. Like with the big banks and corps already basking in the government cash flow while the rest wait for the 100000 handout, shows you where the priorities lie.

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BrainguyJapan: "I am not sure why wish Japan to be in bad situation more than now and your comments are always negative about the situation."

I do NOT wish Japan, or anyone therein, including yours truly, to be in a bad situation. For a "BrainGuy", you might want to read the comments. What did I say that was incorrect, BrainGuyJapan? That the laws are toothless? It's 100% on the money -- just look at how the government couldn't control businesses that stayed open, or people that ignored their requests. Is it that businesses are open despite the State of Emergency still being in place for some prefectures? Well, if that point is "Japan bashing", then so is the whole article because that's what it's about. Is it that, if not careful, we are likely looking at a second wave? That is the case for the whole world, and not just Japan, and if you point me to a "World Today" news site I will say so.

"Dont you wish to be more positive for Japanese people to overcome this situation and everything go back to normal?"

Yoshi, yoshi, BrainGuy. You're doing great! That mask is lovely. Get on that crowded train and smile the virus away, my friend. Doing great! Does that stroke your ego? Give you immunity? Praise and praise alone, especially when not deserved, does nothing to prevent the spread. Cautionary tales, criticism where it's due, and warnings CAN. I think anyone can tell you, though, that the best way to stay healthy is to first and foremost have a thick skin. I'm sorry if the truth hurts. I will say again, I wish EVERYONE -- not just the Japanese or foreign nationals within Japan -- to overcome this. I also criticize the US in their response to Corona virus, in particular their president, but that does not mean I don't want them to overcome.

"This past few months was hard for everyone."

Where have I said otherwise?

"Seem you enjoy complaining almost as much as they enjoy doing nothing about it."

Aha! So, you admit "they enjoy doing nothing about it!" Why do you wish for Japan not to overcome this and only complain? Why are you only saying negative things?

See how easy that was?

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BrainGuyJapan: And just in case you think it's all foreigners saying a second wave here is inevitable, here's a Japanese expert saying the same. So... is he Japan-bashing? Is he traitor?"

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@smithinjapanToday  04:35 pm JST

Im not contending your comment but got a link to go with that statement please.

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hahah you’ve posted it now. Cheers!

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Smith in Japan, bars and restaurants in Tokyo were never asked to close, they were asked to close early, @8pm and stop selling alcohol @7pm but most of them closed down due to lack of customers and support for the emergency declaration, clubs were asked to close and non has opened yet same goes to cinemas,

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These so called experts who predicted dooms day, have all been proven wrong, why will I want to here from them again?, I will rather listen to the experts who are on the job and steering us out of this pandemic because they’ve done a good job so far without blowing their horns, a lot of work are going on behind the scenes but we hardly appreciate it because they don’t boast about them in the open like we find in other countries

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BlackLabel , I think night clubs may be asked to close until there are no reported cases in the country for a while, I know of a friend who got infected in a club in Shibuya, they actually got to him through contact tracing 4 of the six guys he went with ended up testing positive, but they are all well and free from the virus now, the ventilations system in clubs makes it high risk

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That photo of the surfers looks terrible. Can't understand the appeal of crowded beaches.

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'Business as usual' as it should be, what's the problem?

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Bars and restaurants allowed to be open but schools remain closed. If you cannot see where the government's priorities lie based on this fact alone, then you are in denial.

Here is a hint though: they are not thinking about you!

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