Venomous ants may spread in Japan: research body


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Those things are nasty and they know how to deal with water/flooding. If you get bit by them you will know immediately but you might be confused as to the source. I was once walking in flood waters and paused to survey the damage while putting my hand on a log next to me. Did not take long and they had crawled up my arm like little ninjas and formed a neat circle on my bicep and it seemed they all bit in unison. That was some serious pain!

But in the end they are just something to look out for like so many other things. Not the end of the world.

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fire ants quickly spread their habitats by catching winds and traveling long distances or being washed away by flooding.

So... with Typhoon No.19's winds and the subsequent flooding, the ants are now well dispersed throughout central, eastern and northern Japan?

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Hmm.. JT ... you could have at least used a description of what a Fire ant looks like so as to provide warning to the unsuspecting public...

How to identify:

Notice the "Home treatment" solution: Half-Bleach / Half Water ... though that would be a good start before heading off to a clinic with a couple of sample ants in a container or squished in a tissue.

Well, it's worrying... for most in Tokyo who live in high rises, that's not going to be a big issue, though if you go to the Park with your Kids... then you should brush up on symptoms. And if you have a Garden in your property, you need to be prepared.

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The beginning of the end.

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With global warming nothing is impossible anymore regarding the spread of tropical bugs and diseases reaching further north. The bugs are bad enough, but the tropical diseases are even scarier.

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As long as globalization exists, there will be invasive species. Our species could be considered invasive. Since life began on this planet, species have migrated by walking, swimming, flying, or being carried long distances to new areas.

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This is bad news

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at a Tokyo port suggests the invasive alien insect from South America

Paid for by the CCP? NK?

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This is a worry, would be money well spent to eradicate. Do we have an ant sized defence system that's land based to contain these invasive pests? I'm sure there is a defence supplier with the product we need.

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They have become a problematic invasive species in Northern Australia too. Once they are established they are nearly impossible to get rid of.

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