Venomous fire ants found in Nagoya port


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This is trouble. I hope they get this under control ASAP.

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The container arrived June 23 from Nansha port in Guangzhou, China -- the same departure port for the container carrying the fire ants discovered in western Japan.

I guess China is and will be doing everything to trouble Japan.

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The invasion has begun.

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Oh dear. More nasty biting things to fret over. I used to think at least Japan doesn't have as many insect/arachnid deplorables as Australia but apparently the redback spider has been found here, as well. Dang.

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Worth a watch. Molten aluminum down a fire ant colony.

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I saw that, pretty neat.

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One thing they sting like all hell but dont bite much later im on anti convulsion tablets and other pills . The fire ants just die and so do mosquitoes So fire ants dont bite Epileptics

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According to Nagoya Port Authority, seven ants were spotted on the side of a container and exterminated with pesticide Tuesday.

Seven? I thought they were talking about a colony or something. Unless there is a queen, then there's probably no chance of them breeding.

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Ants, etc can feed up a Queen when needed.

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i am too scared to leave my room now.

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