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Victims' families to sue over fatal 2022 Hokkaido boat accident


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That boat slowly sank in those frigid waters over a period that exceeded 2 hours — from the initial 1:00 p.m. SOS to the 3:00 p.m. final call from the captain. What a horrible way for children and their parents to perish!

The operator should be sued — although I doubt they have any money.

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The lawyers have also mulled the possibility of suing the state and the Japan Craft Inspection Organization, which conducts inspections for small vessels on behalf of the government, for inadequate inspections of the operator, but they have not made any decision on the matter, they said.

Precisely, the operator acted irresponsibly because those in charge of preventing it were not doing their jobs, it was just a question of time until disaster happened. Until those that are supposed to protect the people from irresponsible operators also suffer consequences for their lack of action disasters like this will keep happening.

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Good ! I hope they bankrupt the scumbag!

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Fully support the Plaintiffs on this one.

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