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Virus testing centers may open in Sept at 3 airports


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I think the operative word here is ‘May.’

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They may or they may not?

Is this news or a guessing game?

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Taking your temperature would be a Pointless exercise for Tourists.

Take a look at the Fishing boat in Argentina, out at sea for 35 days, but cuts the trip short due to the crew falling ill due to the Corona virus for which they'd been tested before leaving.

Part of the problem is Testing does not appear to be picking up those who have just become infected. Just like HIV, you cant detect it a day or two after becoming infected, but you need to wait for it to get hold first, and then, if you're unlucky it's too late.

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How many of Japan’s current cases have come from overseas? Zero!

Three testing centers in Kabukicho Tokyo would be more pertinent.

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haha JOKE

this should have done been OPEN since DAY 1 .

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It seems like the locals will also need to go to the airport just to get tested.

I think the operative word here is ‘May.’

It all depend on the optics for the Olympics.

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I think 19,000,000 tourists visited japan last year. Do the 9000 tests include all 3 airports, or each?

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9000 PCR tests? Funny. That's less than the amount of tests that the small region I live in Italy conducts DAILY (since March).

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Currently the number of tests possible at airports is about 2000. No wonder they severly restrict resident foreigners from coming in. Any influx of them would cripple their current testing capacity.

The testing centers servicing inbound arrivals will be able to process 6,000 people daily -- 1,800 at Haneda in Tokyo, 2,700 at Narita near Tokyo and 1,500 at Osaka's Kansai. 

Perhaps with this they can finally allow the resident foreigners to come in. But not that many. A medium-sized airplane holds about 250 people.

So 6000 tests per day on arrivals would allow a total of 24 flights to come in per day from anywhere, or with the numbers given, about 11 flights at Narita, 7 flights at Haneda, and 6 flights at Osaka.

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I think the operative word here is ‘May.’

What, as in May 2021?

I love the way things are done so fast here.

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If they set up these testing centres to ease international travel restrictions I bet it only applies to Japanese passengers, foreign residents here will still be unable to go home.

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Luddite, it is possible to go home but not to come back to Japan.

In October, I need to get to the UK to do some business.

I do not expect to be able to return to Japan.

Although, I expect getting a PCR rest in the UK will be far easier than in Japan

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A motionless stone gathers forests of moss.

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@kurisupisu I also have business in the U.K. that needs to be concluded by December. If I go, I do not know when I can come back or see my husband again. Japan is looking at letting in business people from south east Asia, but business issues and people in the UK don’t count. As a legal resident here that should not be an issue.

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Luddite & kurisupisu, they will make you sign a letter when you depart recognising no guarantee of re-entry.

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almost 1 yr later and it is not like this virus aka SAR2 but masking the name to not upset China as COVID19, is a bit late one would think?

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its a clown circus "urge" knowing well, after disbanding the expert advisers the government ministries information is based now on.....each other? I think the virus will quickly explode. No Olympics an utter failure. And a telling story on Japanese voters and options available choices.

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Japan will initially aim to carry out around 9,000 polymerase chain reaction tests per day on travelers at the centers at Haneda, Narita and Kansai airports as well as in the Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan areas, the officials said.

Most posters don't understand what the government aim is,

The article states govt will ramp up testing at the 3 airports to levels far above the number of tests for the domestic population which has been embarrassingly low, what does it tell us? That the domestic rate of infection will continue to be kept low by keeping number of test low, while aiming to truely catch the number of infections entering the country and attributing japans virus on the incoming foreigners from abroad. The virus is already here, isn't it strange there is zero attempt to increase testing to control the spread of the virus despite talk of potential for 100,000test per day, yet test doesn't exceed 7,000 nationwide on some days. Govt Wants to do 13,000 test at 3 airports, when in 7 months test a day has never exceeded 10,000 nationwide. I am afraid Herd immunity is being practised here.

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@Ashley Shiba:

One question: What on earth are you talking about in your rambling post from 11:05 this morning.

There is an entry ban in Japan from pretty much every country in the world, so who are these strangers who do not pay taxes coming in and wandering around?

Every peron that is admitted has a PCR test at the airport, Japanese or not.

Obviously I disagree with the current rules, I am PR also but I hardly think having to go to Guam to collect a birth certificate is extenuating circumstances.

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