Visually disabled man hit, killed by train after falling from platform


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Sad story, but if he'd already fallen in the past, and still wasn't carrying his cane, then it's pretty much his fault.

Rest in peace old guy. And try to sleep in peace driver, it wasn't your fault.

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People have to look after each other. Keep an eye out.

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People have to look after each other. Keep an eye out.

I've seen blind people trying to find their way at least 4-5 times in this country, with no one helping them. I always stop and ask if I can point them in the direction they want to go.

I have no idea if ignoring these people is a Japanese thing or a human thing, but either way, people should be more willing to provide more assistance.

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I've had similar experiences as Strangerland. I once watched a blind man walking in circles on a train platform obviously lost. No one bothered to stop and offer help.

After a few minutes of this, I got off of my soon to be departing train, and trotted over to the man two platforms away. I asked him if he needed help and he said he was really grateful to get some help since he had no idea where he was.

I felt disgusted with the many people who just stared at him and walked by.

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Considering the amount of people who use the trains every day these kinds of incidents are quite rare although, I guess one is too many.

Ive tried to help visually impaired people many tines at train stations. It’s quite surprising that I have been told to go away by a few of them.

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