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Visually impaired man hit and killed by train after falling off platform


A 53-year-old visually impaired man was hit and killed by a train on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line after he fell off the platform at JR Nippori Station in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, on Saturday morning.

According to police and JR officials, the incident occurred just before 1 a.m. The man, Masakazu Mori, a company employee from Adachi Ward, was seen with a white cane walking along the edge of the platform when he fell, Fuji TV reported.

The station does not have platform gates but does have yellow Braille blocks. The section of the platform where Mori fell is near stairs and is only 1.5 meters wide.

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Today is the year 2o2o and with as much fare money that the trains charge in Japan, over the numerous years should have more than enough capitol to pay for protective barriers and reduce the risks such as this mishap.

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It's very sad that this completely avoidable accident happened. Why didn't a station staffer assist him like with wheelchair-bound travelers?

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Suicide ? Pushed ?

You can't fall by your own if nearly blind. All his time is spent to know where he is.

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@Jonathan Do you know what blind means? It means he has trouble seeing, making it an even higher risk for falling/tripping

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Good for you. We should all be helpful to each other on our trip through life. ♥

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Today is 2020 in London too!

95% of the London Underground's platforms are unprotected.

Apparently Japan should be 100% covered, something no other country is!

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