Volcano alert for Mt Hakone raised after small eruption

By Elaine Lies

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Playing it safe and hopefully everyone stays out of that larger exclusion zone, 'just in case'.

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Japan, one of the most seismically active areas on earth,

Well, it seems like the perfect place to build over fifty nuclear reactors and to store nuclear waste deep underground, doesn't it? NOT!

There are many people living close to this mountain. Depending on the scale of eruption and the wind direction at the time this could be quite a catastrophe.

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NHK live feed here:

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Rumbling back to life. A bigger eruption would be quite serious, but no need for the anti-nuclear hyperbole.

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Chinpira, thanks for the link.

Our house is only 10.2kms from Owakudani according to Google Earth. A couple of tremors today were really noticeable.

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Yes, thanks chinpira.

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Vulcanism is really interesting. study the planet folks from close up. Rare opportunity.

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Stayed at a lovely hotel in October 2014 with a view of Fuji-san, the view from the private hot spring made it worth every penny spent for the two nights I was there.

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