Volcano erupts on Satsumaio island in southeast Japan


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there were no immediate reports of damage in the sparsely populated Kagoshima prefecture.

These news wires always get something wrong about Kyushu. Kagoshima is not sparsely populated. (If even any prefecture in Japan can be described that way.)

The island in the story may be, but that's another story.

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@commanteer - It seems on this occasion that JT themselves missed part of their copy quote from Reuters. The Reuters items says "A volcano erupted on Satsumaio island in southeastern Japan late Saturday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, but there were no immediate reports of damage on the sparsely populated island in Kagoshima prefecture."

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Does anyone know where this island actually is? Can't find it on Google Maps under the name given in the article...

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Ishel, This page should help you understand the location:ōjima_(Kagoshima)

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I can understand why @ishel, could not find the island, as "Satsumaio", as place-name simply does not exist.

However... the news story from the NHK news site:

You will see the island name as: 薩摩硫黄 島 which is "Satsuma Iō-jima"

So I guess, "Satsumaio" just ended up as being the Western abbreviation (the last Kanji 島 being island).

Here it is on Google Maps,130.2658127,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x353d9feb176cfe25:0xdd6ef25ec79dcf40!8m2!3d30.7921704!4d130.3037572

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Thank you @Educator60 and @mmwkdw for your advice about locating this island! Perfect now... that is some volcano! I have visited Sakurajima, and this one looks no less impressive... and all the more interesting for its remoteness on a tiny island. I see the population is over 100, which given the land area is still on average quite dense for rural Japan.

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in southeast Japan


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