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Volcano erupts on small island south of Kyushu


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Yesterday they discovered that an underwater land slip caused by earthquake or volcanic activity, like the one at Krakatoa in Indonesia recently, could cause a ‘silent’ tsunami to hit the Takahama NPP with no warning. Takahama in Fukui, low to the water, is unique in that it relies on tsunami warnings to shut the sea gates. The government committee is now scratching their heads on what to do about this ‘soteigai’ unforeseen scenario. This latest eruption will have everyone’s renewed attention on the problem now for sure.

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Would be interested to know the industry or reason, if any, that is keeping people on the island.

It's a lovely little island, with plenty of wildlife and nature. I was thinking of visiting, but now might not be the best time. People face imminent destruction in most places in the world, whether it be earthquakes, floods, volcanoes or typhoons. Gotta live somewhere.

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We are used to ash raining from above here in Kagoshima.

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It's on the Tokara Island chain, a string of volcanic islands between Okinawa and Kyushu. They used to belong to the Kingdom of Okinawa but were brought under Kagoshima control in 1611. Their economic base is fisheries, tourism (onsen!), and subsistence farming.

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Humans will do as humans do.  Even in the face of imminent destruction.  Would be interested to know the industry or reason, if any, that is keeping people on the island.


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