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Weakening typhoon makes landfall in Wakayama

By Elaine Lies

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photo of the month!

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Wow, now that is some wave!

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Looking at that magnificent image, I don't think there is any doubt about how well sea walls work.

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 I don't think there is any doubt about how well sea walls work.

With the glaring exception being for a tsunami.

-1 ( +4 / -5 )

@Yubaru - With the glaring exception being for a tsunami.

Allow me to correct that statement for you: With the glaring exception of an 'unprecedented' tsunami. I guess you are referring to the failure of the sea walls during the 2011 tsunami. 99% of the sea walls worked and saved many areas from devastation. However, there was one 10m sea wall that failed because the ground sunk half a meter in the earthquake causing it to fail. Most of the areas that were inundated did not have sea walls.

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If that's weakening, I'd hate to see it at full force.

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It is a very rare event, but this is why Japanese coastal roads have walls blocking the sea views.

In March 2011, a couple for the sea walls had gates that were not closed (one or two had people waiting for orders) or were stuck, rusted or something.

Now in Kochi, lots new sea wall construction and Tsunami 'shelters' (??? - if a platform at the top of stairs on a hill is a 'shelter'), for the big Nanka quake.

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Awesome photo! Be safe people :)

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Indeed, awesome photo, congratulations to the person taking it :) .

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Hokusai would have admired this photo. Excellent.

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Awesome pic for sure, but that isn't the wave, that is AFTER the wave hit the break wall & shot upwards.

And yes Yubaru is right  BIG difference between a wave & a tsunami, you cant compare them at all.  Normal waves the water column moves up & down as energy passes through, with a tsunami a massive amount of water push outwards from the source with the actual water itself being physically moved, a HUGE & very important difference

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Look at the third photo in the set....more impressive

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Spectacular picture of high waves at Aki port in Kochi ,rarely found elsewhere except in Japan.

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Emm my flight to japan ( tokyo ) is on 8th arriving on 9th ... do i need to worry ?

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Emm my flight to japan ( tokyo ) is on 8th arriving on 9th ... do i need to worry ?

Arriving on the 9th should be no problem.

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The 9th is a Taian day, according to the local calendar. Which is the best day. So, be happy!

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All I see is Gamera in that ginormous splash!

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I second Lucas's advice. Its a Taian day, all will be okay :)

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Amazing photo of nature's power. Spectacular. After seeing that wave I would move my boat.

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"Noru" is still a typhoon, but even today (the 8th, 5:20AM) Tokyo seems to be destined to suffer only the outer limbs of its storm-system. The typhoon (now at Toyama City) may give Tokyo wind, rain and lightening, but that will pass within 24 hours, the forecasters think. Some scattered showers should be the only bother on the 9th (but the temperature will be high: 35 degrees centigrade). (What I gather from the Ministry of Transportation and Weather as well as national radio [NHK].)

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