Wakayama resumes water supply after pipe collapse 6 days ago


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Rust takes its toll through constant oxidation, just like what the steel bars did to that Florida condo.

We keep fifty liters on hand for emergencies but it would be for food and not to fill a tub. Clean body wipes are good for that in an emergency and we keep those as well as many other things should a disaster happen.

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Partial collapse? hate to see a full collapse. The picture paints an alarming story of maintenance procedures, hard hat on, check, clip board, check, look busy, check. Ok next structure.

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Yeah I don't think I have room to store 50 liters of water. Nobody does unless you're insane and think the world is going to end. I got maybe 3 liters of water on hand. But that's just because I don't like the taste of tap water even though it's perfectly safe to drink. Try living in a developing country. If you can't safely drink the water, then you probably shouldn't bathe in it. Thank you, Indonesia!

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"I feel uneasy about the water which is still looking slightly discolored, but I want to take a bath at home as soon as possible," Matsushita said.

People pay good money to go to onsen which have discoloured water and tout the natural benefits thereof.

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Once you see the inside of a water main or even a small pipe, especially one that has been in the ground for years and years, you wouldn't think of drinking unfiltered tap water.

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We live in Wakayama and we’re not affected…but we’re told we might have our water shut off early in the problem. Cleaned the tub…filled it covered it and took showers. So back up for water needs were accomplished!

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25 two-liter bottles take up very little space @Zichi-san

Line them up across the back of a closet floor and date them, and rotate left to right as you use and replenish them.

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Suffered water outage after the Kumamoto quakes. Volunteers will ensure you have sufficient drinking water, but forget bathing for a week or two.

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As for storing 50 litres of water, or thereabouts, try two 23-litre carboys that are commonly used by winemakers like me. I have a dozen of them. Of course, most are filled with wine that's a few years old, but one of them is filled with purified water and if necessary, I can fill another one or two after emptying their wine contents into bottles and corking them. Of course, I can't bathe in wine - that would be a bit too kinky, but what's the worry?

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