Wild boar attacks, seriously injures man in Tochigi Prefecture


A man in his 60s was bitten and seriously injured by a wild boar in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, on Monday. 

According to police, the incident occurred at around 8:20 a.m. on Monday. The man was preparing to do gardening work when a wild boar measuring 1.5 meters in length attacked him in a car parking lot. He sustained serious injuries to his right arm and buttocks. 

The man fought back with a knife used for pruning. The injured wild boar then fled toward the mountain.

City officials in Ashikaga are warning local residents to be on the lookout for the injured animal.

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I've run into wild boars while hiking and they are no joke. Always try to back away slowly if you come in contact with one.

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Agreed. They do not mess around when in attack mode. Get up the nearest tree!

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Play dead? Works with bears, apparently.

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But they're healthier than pork, i wonder why Japanese don't eat.

Best to save yourself is to climb the trees, if no trees, go uphill or fight like Sonnu Chiba as he did with bear like Karate Bearfighter.

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BackpackingNepal, the Japanese do eat boar.

Look for signs saying Inoshishi (wild boar, which tends to be fairly tough meat) or Inobuta (cross between a pig and a wild boar).

In the olden days when under Buddhism the Japanese were not supposed to eat meat from four-legged animals, the meat was described as Botan, a code word used partly as the colour reminded people of peony flowers. Even today you can see such botan-niku  meat spread out in a circular flower shape ready for cooking 'botan-nabe' etc.

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I hope the wild boar is ok. 120, 000, 000 people in japan. Just a bad luck day for a person who kills trees for money. Hope he is OK.

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We have wild boars here in the UK, they have expanded a lot over the years, some golf corses have been ploughed up whilst they have been looking for food, gardens have been ripped to shreds, but what is the most worrying is ( although rare) attacks on humans, and oh boy! do they make a mess, ive seen a few pictures where people have been seriously injured, ie torn flesh right down to the bone, and have required emergence treatment. This guy is quite lucky to have got away lightly with only a few injuries....

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Wild boars are incredibly smart and have an even more sensitive nose than dogs, they’re known to actually sit still and not move when they hear and smell dogs looking for them, insanely fast and so dangerous, but I agree wit( most of the comments when you encounter one best to back up, but if you can’t, try to make yourself to look imposing while seeking safe refuge. In the US, often when boars are being hunted dogs usually are given a Kevlar vest because the boars teeth are so sharp, scary.

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BackpackingNepal - But they're healthier than pork, i wonder why Japanese don't eat.

The Japanese do eat wild boar. Unfortunately, there are not enough hunters to control the populations. And, the local governments won't put any money into eradicating them. I saw a large one run through a supermarket car park at the beach near Isumi in Chiba a few weeks ago. There were people diving and screaming everywhere. I hunted wild pigs in Australia for many years and would be happy to help eradicate them - for a price. I just need a few of my mates and their dogs from Aus to carry out the mission. Hunting them with guns is dangerous and pointless. They are too smart for most hunters to get close enough to shoot them and you need a canon to bring them down. At least a 0.308 caliber or bigger. However, they can't escape a pack of hungry dogs and a group of Aussie men with big knives and dollar signs in their eyes. :D

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1.5m. Not hogzilla, but still respectable. That's a lot of bacon.

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To make yourself look big when being attacked, opening up an umbrella towards the boar is very helpful

Boars are not free from disease: a kind of tick can spread, causing the boar to loose it's hair and become in so much pain it becomes disorientated and tame-looking. And the meat can get infected, so better enjoy it well-done

Ashikaga sounds like Ashitaka, the main character from Mononoke Hime, which also involves a lot of rather big boars...

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My friend and I were cycling through a forest like area and we encountered a mother boar and her 2 piglets. My friend high-tailed it and the mother started charging at me. So I stretched out my arms and roared/yelled at it. The boar came to a screeching halt, looked around, sniffed the ground and she slowly walked off up into the side of the path with her young. She was so BIG and her tusks were longer than I thought.

I can understand and believe that this guy stabbed it, but it did no real damage. I really hope he isn't badly hurt.

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@Disilusioned, you seem glad to help, if you get a call to help out give me a call to.

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