Wild boar killed in Matsuyama residential district


A wild boar was killed after wandering into a residential area of Matsuyama City in Ehime Prefecture, on Tuesday afternoon.

The animal was first spotted about 7:20 a.m. by a man who called 110. During the day, the boar was seen in various other locations before being cornered at 3:15 p.m. in a residential area, NTV reported. Some 30 police were mobilized and eventually captured the animal by jumping on top of it. It was later killed by a hunter.

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It would have been hilarious to watch the flops chase the pig down. The way the article reads all 30 cops jumped on the pig.

One question though; Why didn't the cops shoot it?

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I think it would be even more hilarious to see you show how it should be done.

One question though; Why didn't the cops shoot it?

Going to assume you did not think this through before you hit the Submit button.

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Assuming that they do need to kill the animal (not a given) why do they need a 'hunter' to kill it? If it's already captured, surely a vet would be more appropriate and more humane?

Better still, truck it out to the mountains and let it go.

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Cleo, "Better still" Please read up on the problems they cause. The Japanese really need to get a handle on these wild hogs. It's really not a joke and turning it loose is the last thing they need to do. It needs killed. They breed and have litters and have NO natural enemies in Japan that can control their population. Even in America where they have few natural enemies, they cannot be killed by wolves unless they operate in a pack and won't kill unless they can get a little one. A wolf biting a hog does nothing except maybe make him mad. The hog population is going nuts in the US so they opened the seasons for hunting them all year around in most places as they are taking over. They're smart and mean. Deer are run out of sections of woodland because of hogs. Hogs uproot vegetation in the woods so it doesn't grow back. In ten years the problem will multipy and the Japanese will have no choice but to let farmers kill them with rifles as shotguns using buck-shot, doesn't have the kill power past 20 yds to penetrate their thick hides. The hog problem isn't a joke..

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Reformedbasher - I grew up hunting wild pigs in NW NSW and yes, I could have shown them how to do it, thank you very much. Although, I probably would have been arrested for having an 8" hunting knife. Good on ya mate! ;-)

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According to, the father of the person who called 110 told the paper he'd been living there for 30 years and had never seen a wild boar before, so it would not seem to be the case that Matsuyama city (the sow was caught in Kayamachi 6-chome, not far from Matsuyama Castle park) is actually being overrun by wild boar or that the farmers in the area (what farmers?) are having their crops destroyed. This was a fluke. It should have been returned.

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They should have a pig roast for x-mas dinner. Better yet, have it at the local homeless shelter, if they have one.

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The pig was murdered!

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pigs get pork......pig gets porked

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I dont know if any of you all been boar hunting before, but a boar can serious mess you up trying to get close to them.

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Must be an Aust thing, we as children hunted wild pigs with dogs (they loved it) and a knife, it's quick if you are fleet of foot. Only time I've seen 30 cops in Japan was when I fell asleep inside a ATM area as the doors locked at 12. Was woken in a Blues Brothers movie.

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The hunter used a hunting knife and stabbed it to death.

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Now this is a true waste! If Japanese folk learned to eat and enjoy CHICHARRONES, boy I bet you can make some might tasty chicharrones from these wild boars! Just shoot it, make sure it is nice and dead, then boil off all the nasty hair, use the same fat from the animal to cook up the skin and presto magico, you got the best beer snacks on the face of the planet!

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The poor thing must have been terrified.

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Why killed? Was it because wandered into a residential area by mistake? Or did it attack people? Why not return it to the wild. Does any authority in Japan recognize or even understand animal cruelty?

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I hope they ate it. It is great meat.

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I hope they ate it. It is great meat.

If you want to ingest worms and their larvae - go for wild boar!

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How many microsv/hr did it register? You would have to be nuts to eat it as they likely forage and eat many mushrooms and similar plants.

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How many microsv/hr did it register?

Over 800 km from Fukushima to Matsuyama.

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saw a bit on tv yesterday, it was a bit of a joke, picture a boar in a corner of a yard with those concrete walls & then about 8 keystones piling on, a couple wailing with nite sticks, then stop, start film shows dead boar on ground, pretty lame.

Most in Japan have little concept of cruelty to animals & this is just another example

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so,some of you have never tried botan nabe ??

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Back on topic please.

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tokyokawasakiDec. 21, 2011 - 05:53PM JST Why killed? Was it because wandered into a residential area by mistake? Or did it attack people? Why not return it to the wild. Does any authority in Japan recognize or even understand animal cruelty?

If I'm not mistaken, like the North American raccoon, the boar is a non-native, introduced species. They have no animal predator, are fecund breeders, aggressive, and have next to no fear of man. If Japanese hunters weren't so notoriously inept, I think an annual early fall season with no limit would be a good idea.

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You must have seen the same show I saw on Japanese "hunters" (the italics are on purpose). They sure look the part! They've got hunting boots, hunting pants, hunting belts, hunting vests, hunting jackets, and hunting hats. The only thing they are missing is hunting experience.

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the boar is a non-native, introduced species

It's indigenous to Europe and large parts of Asia, and is recorded in Japan during the Jomon period (16500-3000 years ago), so it's hardly exotic here. The two varieties of wild boar in Japan have been separated long enough to have evolved into separate varieties from those found in mainland Asia.

It has no natural predators because people killed off all the wolves, bears and other large meat-eaters.

Cruelty is cruelty, no matter how good the victim might taste.

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I grew up hunting wild pigs in NW NSW

So you should know all about firearms then.

Um, guns, residential area, common sense - any of these come to mind?

And you're asking why the police didn't shoot it? Then we would have people calling them idiots for endangering others... oh, I get it - either way they lose right?

Sorry pardner, this here scenario ain't a movie. So please engage brain before commenting.

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Tried Inoshishi-nabe. Not bad but can live without it.

Um, hunters here... I've come across a couple and was very careful to let them know a) I was nearby and b) I was a human without startling them. (Animals don't sing, at least sing words to a song, unless they are a parrot or something) Was invited for a beer the second time, seemed nice enough chaps, just make sure they're not lining you up for a shot. If you are not on a trail and you hear voices, sing or make some other kind of human-only-capable noise just in case.

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Poor little piggie!

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Some 30 police were mobilized and eventually captured the animal by jumping on top of it. It was later killed by a hunter..........................

I totally agree the pig was murdered !! Disgusting, this news belongs to the crime section !!

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There's boar (why call them "wild" if every other animal living outisde of man's influence is "wild"?) living up the road from where my wife used to live (Maya San in Kobe). Sometimes they come down looking for food, I've seen them on the streets wandering around... apparently one bit off someone's finger, another killed a dog... but I never heard of them getting killed because of this. Not to say it did not happen though. I only visited on holidays as I was living/working in Chubu.

Loved the fact that we could just walk up the road, then up Maya San. Kobe is a great place to live.

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Why do they always have to kill the wild animals because it wondered into human habitat? Don't the animals have the right to be part of this world? Better learn to capture animals without hurting the animals and relocate them to the wild. The animals may be in wonder due to disaster occurred earlier this year. It looks to me they are going to eat this boar. They wrestled for it and hunter killed it? What?

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