'Wild daro,' 'ishin,' 'Dai sankyoku' voted top buzzwords for 2012


"Wild daro" was voted the top buzzword in Japan for 2012 on Monday at the 2011 U-CAN Awards for newly coined words and phrases in vogue. "Wild daro," meaning "it's wild, isn't it," was made popular by comedian Sugi-chan who is frequently seen in denim shorts, short-sleeved denim shirt and barefoot.

Other words or phrases in this year's list are "ishin," meaning restoration -- used by many political parties at one time or another -- "dai sankyoku," or "third force" -- another political buzzword -- and "chikai uchini" (soon), which Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda frequently said in answer to questions about when he would call an election.

Last year's top three buzzwords were Nadeshiko Japan, 3.11 and "kizuna."

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This wild daro, is it like Wild and Crazy Guys with Steve Martin back in the 70's, but without the denim shorts, short-sleeved denim shirt and barefoot?

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Sadly, no:

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Man I havent heard of this wild daro duffus before tahnkfully!

Tairitsuiken, after watching that link I have to say that WILD DARO = SUPER BAKA!

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I have to admit, I got a good few laughs from Sugi-chan. Especially after a couple of vodkas. Impressive considering that he was 99% ultra-clean and light-hearted. Jokes about soda bottles, Hawaiian shirts, bicycle locks. That was a nice 1-2 month run he had there. Hope he made some nice cash.

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Isn't it "wild daze"??**

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