Wild otter filmed alive in Japan; 1st sighting in 38 years


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Very sad how many species have gone extinct or been extirpated from Japan. Now that the countryside is emptying, it is time to reintroduce many of them.

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Don't tell everybody! It's been living there in secret for many years. Now, it's gonna see every man and his dog going for a look.

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This is NEWS! Awesome!!!

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In the '80s while fishing in a river in Nagano Ken, I saw a white otter. Must be a different kind. Anyway, Japan still has room for wild crits. If we can just keep the water clean.

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How about that, very cool. Apparently in New Zealand we did have a Giant Otter(now extinct)

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I guess it's more newsworthy to be filmed Alive than Dead.

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Hoping for more updates...

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