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Winemaker to start making 'Nagoya wine' this summer


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Spanish wine is terrible and they choose Spanish grapes?

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RodneyToday  07:50 am JST

Spanish wine is terrible and they choose Spanish grapes?

how odd then, that wine has been produced in Spain for thousands of years..... maybe you've been buying the dregs....

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Sounds good, looking forward to giving it a try. Hopefully it's not going to be on the sweet side like a lot of Japanese wines, not a fan of those types at all.

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Nagoya - trying to get on the map.

It will take more than locally produced wine to do that !

It's really a very boring city with very conservative people.

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White wine, in particular from the local grape called Koshu, can be quite nice and is growing in popularity, Red wine on the other hand is pretty abysmal.

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O like Kobe wine but the price is the problem.

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I don’t drink wine, I like beer but my partner does, I’m sure she would like to try it.

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Kobe wine is overpriced vinegar that I'd only use for cooking if I was given a bottle cos I ain't gonna pay for a bottle.

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