Wireless carriers start disaster info service for foreign tourists


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There aren’t t any foreign tourists....

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The timing of this could be better! I can just see these carriers stopping the service because no one is using it!

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The three companies said they began preparations for the multilingual disaster information service after many foreign visitors were unable to receive emergency information when a magnitude 6.7 quake hit Hokkaido in September 2018.

Wow, it hardly took 2 years to create a service which sends a text message that gives a phone number for JNTO and a web address for NHK World! So impressive! These guys surely operate at 5G speeds!

And so useful! I mean, there certainly is no way to ever search the internet to find such info when needed...

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Great idea, except, as a pessimist, when the Great Hanshin Earthquake hit Kobe, most communications were smashed for 3 days.

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"Foreign travelers would find it hard to get information about shelters"

In other words, directions to the nearest gymnasium with hardwood floors.

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Better late than never those hardwood floors arnt too bad when your house is falling down around you.

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...use begins with the reopening of the border for tourists in 2023...

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