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With sake and Shinto rites, Japanese see in new era in festive mood

By Kyoko Hasegawa and Shingo Ito

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We all just want to be happy.

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Morning Sake sound nice on a holiday

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Around 370 early birds travelled to Nemuro, Hokkaido, one of the easternmost points of Japan, in a bid to be the first to see the sunrise but clouds cast a shadow on proceedings there.

Pesky clouds.

This is an excellent excuse to drink sake.

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and really, with all the taxes, budget and general inconvenience that went into this "event" ,they could only make 1000 wooden cups? the new year Takao ones make three times more ... glad they didnt charge for them at least.

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besides, this celebration mood seems to be artificially pushed... I havent seen anyone celebrate anything on way back from hokkaido ,either at haneda or hokkaido...

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Congratulations to the new Emperor. May his reign be long and wise and as peaceful as the last Emperors.

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"They are praying for no RAINwa..."

Should that clause not be rendered as "reign-wa"...?

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Tamae Moriyama, a 48-year-old restaurant worker, said she hoped the historic events would spark a debate about women ascending the throne, which is currently forbidden.

Forbidden only because a bunch of old-guys made some "law" that is in effect against the constitution of Japan.

Now the line of succession is going to get interesting as the "new" Emperor's younger brother is now the Crown Prince, and his son is 2nd in line. Crown Prince Akishino becomes 2nd, but because of his age, odds are high that he will pass the title to his son, a JHS student.

But who then becomes Crown Prince and next in line?

It would be really strange to have Aiko-sama, the daughter of the new Emperor become next in line AFTER her younger cousin.

SO you can bet that the IHA is going to be on the look out for a "fertile" young woman to "marry" Prince Hisahito!

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That is of minor importance, but Japan cannot make a nicer VIP car than this refurbished taxi?

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sure they can "open minded" .. will you be paying for it?

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