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Woman becomes 1st to row solo from Japan to Alaska


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Some unbelievable achievements! Respect!!

but first human contact in 5 months is exaggerating it a bit while she got engaged to her girlfriend or when her support team towed her to a safer spot, no?

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What an amazing achievement.


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Not if contact means touch. No exaggeration at all.

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wow thats amazing, good job.

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Quite a large boat, wouldn't be easy, great stuff!

How do you right a boat in the middle of the ocean by yourself?

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Amazing work! Congrats!!

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I noticed that she came Japan by bike from Britain and said she took rest during winter last year in Japan. What a wonderful lady!!! Great!!! Unbelievable!!! Strong both physical and mental!! Great spirit!!!

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That's some serious rowing. I bet she's got back muscles like a gorilla.

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To be accurate, she rowed from Japan to the waters just off of Adak, AK. Regardless, it's still an amazing feat.

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Wow, this is not easy to do. I bet her hands are filled with blisters.

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An amazing achievement to an amazing person!

And I hope her all the best in her engagement!

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