Woman breaks leg after getting it caught between train and platform at Shibuya station


A woman in her 20s broke her leg after it got caught between a departing train and the platform at Shibuya Station on Wednesday morning.

According to police, the woman -- who had been drinking -- rushed to board a train on the Toyoko line at about 5:45 a.m., but the door closed and her left leg fell between the train and the platform, Fuji TV reported. Station staff immediately stopped the train. The woman was taken to hospital to be treated for a broken leg.

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She is lucky to still have the leg.

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Drink responsibly, folks.

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there is a reason why they keep shouting every 10 seconds not to rush into the train. combined with drinking and seemingly a night out, a recipe for disaster. she is lucky the station staff was alert and immediately stopped the train, hopefully she and the others idiotically rushing into the train through the closing doors may have learned a lesson

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She is lucky just to have broken a leg. This could have been much worse.

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wow lucky girl, watch your drinking

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She had been drinking. Nowhere does the article state that she was DRUNK.

Stop being baited so easily please. Her recklessness might have had more to do with a TV show she did not want to miss as alcohol.

What I am wondering is what the Devil the train staff were doing? Don't they check after the doors have closed before giving the okay to move the train?

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Just because the woman had been drinking it does not mean she was intoxicated based on Japanese law. However, the train company and the owners thereof surely are responsible. Does anyone know what would be the legal requirements needed to sue the train company?

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I see train/subway passengers doing this all the time, mostly those on the sober side. I always wonder if those who get caught between the doors, yet make it either in or out, learn their lesson after getting partially squashed. It must hurt ...

As for the woman who broke her leg at Shibuya Station ... hope she has learned her lesson ... don't monkey with those power doors ...

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By the way, I just saw this news, on the evening news in Japanese, forget about that broken leg, she has LOST her left leg, just saw it on Nihon TV, etc...

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Apparently she was drunk and fell with both legs between the platform and the train as it was about to depart. One leg was almost severed, the other badly injured. All trains stopped and 18,000 people were affected.

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oh, I don't even want to think about it

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Anyone have a link to a photo of the gap between the train and the platform? Online search (fell "large gap" "shibuya station"), falling between the train and the tracks is not as rare as we might expect. Thankfully, the person below had two sets of hands ready to rescue them.

" Stations here where the track curves have a large gap. I fell between the train the platform (up to my knees) in Shibuya once. The men on both sides were quick to grab my arms and pull me back up though. (Very sore shins for a while after that...) - LHS "

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Getting your leg stuck in the gap between the train and the platform can happen even without being drunk or rushing. I was with my friend at Harajuku station once, and when we went to step onto the train she grabbed my arm suddenly. I lost my balance and one leg fell right through the gap while the other was sprawled on the platform. The "doors closing" sound started to ring, but lucking I managed to get back up in time and safely get on the train. Needless to say, images of a life in a wheelchair were flashing through my brain.

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