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Woman dies after being pinned between car and concrete block


A 60-year-old woman in Aomori City died after her car pinned her against a concrete wall block on Tuesday.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 2:30 p.m. Fuji TV reported that Chizuko Igarashi was discovered pinned between her car and the concrete block in Akasaka, Aomori City. Igarashi was pronounced dead at the scene.

Because the accident site has a gentle slope, police speculate that Igarashi exited her vehicle after putting it in neutral gear and that this may have allowed the car to roll backwards, pinning the woman against the block.

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RIP Chizuko san.

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Why is there speculation on the part of the police? The car was either in neutral, or it was not, and there is a slope, or there is not. Also, why would anyone park in "neutral" and not "park", even if there is a parking break? RIP to the woman -- 60 is too young to go.

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The police are most likely speculating on the actions of the woman, not the facts of what they found. In other words, they don't believe there is foul play.

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The police is not speculating. From the scene, police investigators analyzed and reported. That is all they could.

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I am speculating, but she might have put the car in neutral while the car was still running to grab something quickly. It is easily imagined that she believed a common misconception that it is better to leave your car in neutral instead of park at red lights or that the vehicle consumes proportionately less gas in neutral. Or she accidentally placed the vehicle in neutral instead of park and was in too much of a hurry to correct it. Rest In Peace.

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Eerily similar to how Anton Yelchin died. May you both rest in peace.

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