Woman falls to death on mountain in Shizuoka


A woman found dead on Mount Hiko, Shizuoka Prefecture, accidentally fell to her death while climbing the mountain, police believe.

Police received a report from a Mount Hiko lookout point on Friday at around 11:30 a.m. saying that a woman had fallen from an observation platform, Fuji TV reported. Police officers and fire department personnel arrived at the scene and found the woman, believed to be a Shizuoka resident in her 30s, lying motionless in the snow. Police say she was confirmed dead at the scene.

The woman fell around 40 meters down the mountain. Police say a meter-high fence had been built along the edge of the cliff onto which the woman fell.

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One meter high is obviously not enough. Suicide perhaps?

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holly cow! thats not good :( people have to be more careful..

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darwin in action

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There is something wrong with that last sentence. Did she fall onto the fence?

Sadly, I suspect suicide. There were no witnesses? Why was she there by herself? Why did she climb over the safety barrier? She's a jumper, for sure!

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There's nothing wrong with the last sentence. There was a metre-high (waist-high?) fence around the cliff where the observation deck, and she fell over it (or jumped, whichever suits your imagiation).

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Japanese?? Sorry but my hunch is she wanted to die and well now she got what she wanted. RIP??

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I know, I know, it sucks but this is part of life and DEATH in Japan, most Western minds can not understand this, but talk to most Japanese and suicide is not that big of a deal to them.

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Anyone with a modicum of English grammar can recognize that the last sentence is indeed misleading. It overtly suggests that she fell onto the fence.

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@NYC_Samurai The final sentence *

'Police say a meter-high fence had been built along the edge of the cliff onto which the woman fell

*" actually states that she fell onto the edge of a cliff, along the edge of which a fence had been built. That's not quite the same thing. It's still confusing however, and probably not what the writer intended to say.

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