Woman in her 80s hit, killed by train in Tokyo


A woman in her 80s was hit and killed by a train in Tokyo on Friday morning, in what police believe may have been a suicide.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 5:20 a.m. at a crossing on the Keio line between Takaido and Sakurajosui stations in Suginami Ward. The train was bound for Shinjuku Station.

At the time, the crossing bars were down. A witness said the woman lifted up one of the bars and walked onto the tracks.

Police said the train driver told them he saw the woman standing still on the tracks and applied the emergency brake but couldn’t stop in time.

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Selfish. That's the only way to describe it. She could have done this at home and not inconvenienced others.

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Usually agree with everything you say but in this case she must have been really desperate and wanted to make sure there was no possibility of her surviving.

In the house it is pretty difficult to find a surefire way of offing yourself almost instantly and certainly.

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I think it's hard to comment on this woman's suicide not knowing what she was going through. Loneliness? Unbearable pain from health problems? Abusive husband? How do I know?

I don't think suicide is a good solution, though. It saddens family members and leaves them and others to clean up and pay for the mess, etc. The suicidal have usually have very trying situations for which part of the best solution is strong family bonds that offer plenty of loving support for those suffering mentally, health wise, etc.

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Hurts the driver and others too. One driver in the UK was so upset that committed suicide 4 months after a person jumped in front of his train. Passengers have also been injured when the body is thrown back up on to the platform.

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Maybe she should have just starved herself to death in her 1ldk?

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Vince BlackToday  04:16 pm JST

Selfish. That's the only way to describe it. She could have done this at home and not inconvenienced others.

Did not know that attitude toward people was popular in other countries.

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Not knowing more... maybe it was dementia. In that case, it's just sad. Many suicides, though, include an aspect of striking out at the world. The attitude is "I am going to die, but I will take a bunch of you pricks with me." So maybe she wanted others to suffer at her death as well.

Or maybe she just didn't think it through.

That's 3 options, anyway.

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There are so many horrible comments made here. How rude can you be? You don't know what her situation was.

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Maybe she should have just starved herself to death in her 1ldk?

youve been in Japan too long, the lack of empathy is rubbing off on you

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Selfish. That's the only way to describe it. 

Difficult situation on everyone involved including the woman who will never see the light of day again. Calling her "selfish"? Just can't go there. Hope her soul found some sort of peace and for her loved ones left behind and the innocents that witnessed it I hope they can move forward too.

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There are a lot of incidents like one point Japan had crazy astronomical numbers of suicides.

The numbers have tapered off recently, but they are still high, and with image-sensitive data such as this, one can't be entirely sure, as the gov't has been caught tampering with numbers before.

If it was because in part due to economic difficulties, it is yet another indictment of the system this government has created.

May her soul rest in peace.

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Suicide has a strong correlation with depression. I think is important to understand depression is a clinical disorder characterize for trouble thinking, difficulty to concentrate and decision making. Also social stigma has been associated with mental disorders and one posible reason why people don't seek help.

Here is a link to a informative video about depression release by the world health organization

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A woman is dead. May have had many problems such as physical and mental health.

Some of you posting could use a little training on mental health, depression and aging issues.

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Selfish. That's the only way to describe it. She could have done this at home and not inconvenienced others.

To say that about a poor, desperate elderly woman! SHAME ON YOU!!

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