Woman injured after bolt falls from rollercoaster in Yamanashi


Police said Monday that a woman was injured at Fujikyu Highland in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture, on Sunday after a bolt fell from a rollercoaster.

According to the theme park operator, the bolt fell due to a breakage that occurred on the Eejanaika ride at around 12:30 p.m., TBS reported. The company said that the rollercoaster underwent a scheduled check on Sunday morning before the park opened and that nothing out of the ordinary was logged.

Police said the ride was in operation and the woman was walking beneath it when the bolt fell and struck her on the head, causing minor injuries.

The ride opened in 2006.

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Ouch. Sounds dangerous.

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I have had a crow crap on me, but have never been hit by a bolt. Sure must have hurt and hope the woman got a lifetime pass to the theme park. Why was she walking underneath it? One would think that that might not be allowed in the future. I have never been there, so do not know the situation. Someone enlighten me please.

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She's lucky that was all. I still get the creeps remembering about that poor girl who lost her head in Osaka due to crap safety standards. Seems they got lax again after a few years.

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It's like something out of Final Destination. luckily she wasn't killed.

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A few years ago when there was a spate of deaths at theme parks an investigation revealed that MOST had so many flaws and failed to go by guidelines that it was amazing they weren't all shut down. I think a couple were -- most namely the one in which a woman on a roller-coaster was beheaded and the head landed in the food court. I believe there was even talk of making measures to ensure safety more stringent. I'm glad no one was killed here, but it seems there is still a long way to go in a lot of these failing parks to put safety before money.

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Why was she walking underneath it?

From what I read in this Japanese news website, she's an employee (correct me if I'm wrong)

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They should change the name of the ride to: Noranakute, eejanaika?

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I know that spot exactly. I'm surprised she didn't get knocked out. Glad to hear she's okay.

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I have been on this Ee ja nai ka before it opened to the regular public, went with a dude from Kenya, who cried and screamed from beginning to end, luckily were just scared and I felt sick for about 2 days after this roller coaster ride, called a JET coaster by the Japanese. I do hope nothing else falls off this roller coaster and that this woman who got a falling bolt upside here head is doing better.

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"Someone enlighten me please." There is a pedestrian acess passing under this and other rides, most have some kind of protection. Just spent 3 days there - Sunday Monday, Tuesday, had a go on the ride in question just before it was closed. The staff were still looking for the parts on Tuesday, no information was given ( in English) about why It was closed other than maintenance. Safety seems ok here, staff well trained to spot and check people with items in there pockets. I feel the general state maintinace in Japan is less attentive if you look at train stations to begin with.

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