Woman killed by truck after getting out of car on Tochigi road


A 28-year-old woman died after she got out of a car and was hit by a truck on a road in Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, on Thursday morning.

According to police, the woman, identified as Aiko Maeda, was in a car being driven by her mother when the incident occurred at around 4:40 a.m. Thursday. TBS quoted a witness as saying that the car pulled over at the side of the road and when Maeda got out, she was hit by the truck which was following the vehicle. Police said the truck driver told them he was unable to stop in time.

Maeda was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police said they are questioning Maeda's mother and the truck driver over the circumstances leading up to the incident.

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RIP, Japanese have the habit of getting out of the car without looking, But then again the truck drivers here are also always in a hurry.

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The poor woman. Look both ways before you cross the street,look before getting out of a car. Pedestrian safety 101....

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RIP. The mother must be devastated. These Okuri-Mukae by car to the stations and anywhere else is dangerous to all. I have to watch out for these cars suddenly puling over when riding my bicycle. One time I bumped into one making an abrupt start/U-turn from where it was standing still on the left side of the road! It sped off without looking to see if I was OK. (Fortunately, there was no damage to me or my bike.)

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Yeah, they'll fry the truck driver. A stopped car never causes an accident in Japan, and it's going to be his fault for failing to reduce the speed in order to avoid this accident.. especially if the lady was sitting next to her mother, the truck driver should have had time to see her getting out and around the car.

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Wait a sec... the truck was following the car, yet the car had time to stop and for the poor young woman to get out before the truck killed her? How far behind was he?

RIP Aiko.

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I would think she got out into his lane perhaps.

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the truck driver should have had time to see her getting out and around the car.

Who is to say mum didn't pull over to the right side of the road and her daughter got out of the passengers side directly into the traffic stream?. Was it a narrow one lane road? We don't have the full circumstances, so it's very hard to pass judgement.

Either way. Poor mother and even poorer daughter, not a nice way to go. Truck driver was in the wrong place at the wrong time, poor him too.

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