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Woman motorcyclist killed after being run over by several cars following fall


A woman in her 20s was killed after her motorbike fell over and she was hit by several cars on the Tomei Expressway in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Wednesday.

According to police, the accident occurred in Tama Ward at around 1:15 a.m. Wednesday during heavy rain, Fuji TV reported. The bike slid over on the wet road and the woman was flung off the bike. Police said she was run over by at least seven cars, police said.

Police said the rain was heavy at that time due to the effects of a passing typhoon and that visibility on the expressway was poor.

Three lanes of the expressway were closed for about three hours after the accident.

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That sucks. Not surprising the way people drive. RIP AutoBi' Girl.

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Because of the danger, I do a lot of cringing and praying for them when I see some people riding motorcycles (including my son on his Ducati), and I beg my students who do to be careful. The slightest mistake could be the last. I once watched a video where a rider was slowly walking his bike between the cars stopped at a light. He barely tapped a car and his bike tipped over. He would have just gotten right back up unharmed, but at that exact moment the traffic started moving and a truck rolled right over his head.


That's my son removing his helmet at the 49 and 50 second mark

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This is an appalling incident. People on expressways won't slow down in bad driving conditions and drive like they have some supernatural force preventing anything bad happening. Unfortunately, happens in many countries, not just Japan.

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Now if those seven cars hadn't been tailgating, she might still be alive.

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This really one reason why self-driving cars will be so useful in the future. People throw all common sense out the window when they drive. They never consider that a person or child could be in front of their car in an instant, and never allow themselves time to stop if that happens.

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Riding a motorbike in the rain is dangerous. Riding in a typhoon, late at night when other drivers are tired, is something I would definitely not attempt.

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This is a horrible avoidable accident. Most of us drivers (both autos and motorcycles) are too confident in our own abilities. I've done my share of riding in the rain, and admit I've been lucky nothing bad has happened. After experiencing a fogged up helmet providing near zero visibility in a cold heavy rain at night. I learned quickly how truly insane it is to be out there putting my life in extreme risk. There are always other options to riding in those conditions. Its too bad she didn't choose to stay put or at least pull over to a safe spot and stop when conditions deteriorated.

I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about the autos speeding or tailgating. Heavy rain in the dark is really hard to see through. The auto drivers are likely traumatized by this. I feel for all parties involved this is horrible.

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Tailgating, speeding in adverse conditions is a universal problem and not just the domain of the Japanese. I have driven in Japan for ten years and I can't in all honesty, say Japanese are any better or worse than drivers in my home country.

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Bikes are dangerous, 1 mistake could be your last

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Terrible accident. But riding a bike in heavy on the motorway just adds a whole additional layer of danger, which is entirely avoidable.

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I am not sure why people are blaming the cars. It is an expressway where people are driving at probably 80-120 kilometers per hour. How are they supposed to expect a woman to people laying on the highway?

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In heavy rain driving conditions dictate that drivers adapt their speed to the prevailing conditions.

However, they don't and lighting on roads here can be very poor.

Most accidents on highways here are caused by speed and lack of sleep

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