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Woman pedestrian, motorcycle rider killed in accident


A 22-year-old woman was killed after she was hit by a motorcycle in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward on Sunday night. The motorcycle rider, a 21-year-old man, also died in the accident, police said Monday.

The accident occurred at around 8:30 p.m., Fuji TV reported. Police said that dental assistant Mika Yadori was hit by the motorbike as she was walking across the street in Noge. The motorbike rider, identified as Ryouma Koishi, was flung from his bike by the impact. Both he and Yadori were pronounced dead at hospital, police said.

Fuji reported that the accident occurred on a straight stretch of road along the Tama River with good visibility.

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Even if she had been crossing the road wiith earplugs in and glued to her phone, it was a straight stretch of road with good visibility and he was on a motorbike. If he hadnt been speeding and/or not looking he would have been able to avoid her. This is not like the tragic case a few weeks ago where a 3 year old suddenly ran into the road and the guy was driving a car on a major highway - that was an impossible situation to avoid. Unless she suddenly ran out into the road which I doubt a grown woman would do. Dont know all the facts but I would put money on the motorbke rider speeding, just like Virtuosos friend above (sorry to hear that Virtuoso).

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@Mess11 whe don't know who's fault it was or both, maybe the girl was glued to her phone screen or just crossing the street without looking, Japanese pedastrians do that a lot. Anyway RIP.

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Sad for both parties. He could have been going fast or riding something that soused quiet or loud, there is a 50cc bike that screens down my steet early AM, sounds like he is going fast but it's just his exhaust while there is an 1100cc that whispers past at 160km. I have seen people walk in front of traffic with ear buds and texting. Accidents happen and blame is hard to place with out more info.

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Anyone who drives in this country has watched as motorcycles have passed them on the inside, between the two lanes of traffic, or run red lights at T-intersections. My son witnessed a motorcyclists death as he passed on the inside and was hit by a car crossing a double white line with a yellow! Police have no interest in having motorcyclists observe the laws of the road. Sadly, an innocent woman is dead and her family is devastated. Is it too much to ask the police to police the road according to the laws of the land?

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Fuji reported that the accident occurred on a straight stretch of road along the Tama River with good visibility.

A gaijin friend of mine was killed the same way in broad daylight in a pedestrian crosswalk while walking by the Edogawa about 16 years ago. The motorcyclist was driving like a bat out of hell and probably enraptured in a Le Mans 24 hours fantasy. He survived the impact and served some time in prison for vehicular manslaughter. His family wound up paying a hefty consolatum to my friend's widow.

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