Woman with impaired vision injured after falling onto tracks at station in Ibaraki Pref


A 64-year-old visually impaired woman accidentally fell from the Joban Line train platform in Ishioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Monday, police said. Although there was an incoming commuter train, she only sustained minor injuries after managing to move into a gap between the platform and the tracks, Fuji TV reported.

According to police and JR officials, the incident occurred just after 8 a.m. Station surveillance camera footage showed the woman, who was holding a cane, fall off the platform. As she desperately tried to climb up onto the platform on her own, a train was pulling into the station, reducing its speed. The woman managed to protect herself by moving into the space between the tracks and platform, and sustained a minor head bruise. 

Afterwards, the woman told police she assumed her train had arrived at the platform after mistakenly hearing the sounds of another train, and moved to the edge of the platform. Ishioka Station does not have platform doors installed to prevent passengers from toppling onto the tracks.

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Glad she is ok. I sometimes look at the track area and plan my escape in case I ever fall or am pushed onto the tracks. It would only take a second to roll underneath the platform out of harm's way. Or if you have more time, use one of the access ladders that hang off the edge of the platform.

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Wow she was lucky.

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...and in other village news today, a carton of eggs was stolen from an umnanned farmer's stand in Oshamambe, Hokkaido...

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