Women to be notified of how breast cancer detection risk is linked to density


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there is also preventive medicine techniques which should also be encouraged. i have a friend who lost a breast, she has low self esteem as a result.

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Goodlucktoyou, when you say "preventative medicine techniques" do you refer to 'early detection' or actual prevention? The only prevention I know of is double mastectomy - a choice some women make if they know breast cancer runs in the family. Are you thinking of something else?

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There are some dietary and lifestyle choices known to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. For example, heavy drinking increases the chances of developing breast cancer as does not having one's number of periods reduced by pregnancy or other situations.

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Are they using advanced mammography techniques like digital or 3D imaging ? Those are much better than 2D at detecting density.

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Yes..interesting..articles like this do not give all of the background information. Digital mammography. .used in the last 5yrs more prolifically though not everywhere. Yes reduce your risk..weight,exercise,smoking,alcohol,pregnancy and breastfeeding may all have a risk reducing does early detection.

Women..and society, all need to take all these factors on board as they decide on their criteria for measuring breast density against risk..and hopefully it will evidence based.

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