Wood you like a drink? Japanese team invents 'wood alcohol'

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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Excellent for the environment.

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excellent, in other news: The Risks of Drinking Even Moderately Are Much Worse Than We Thought, Study Shows

another poison released onto the market, banzai!!!

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Not a surprise. Alcohol can be produced from any plant material that ferments. Ask the jungle animals.

But making it palatable would require a somewhat degree of innovation and skill.

Good luck to them.

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Not syure we need more ways to make booze.

although Simon, not sure also that the extra 6 months of life are worth not drinking.

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If beavers had a hanami, this wood be their drink of choice.

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Pretty sure they made wood alcohol (methanol) during prohibition. Many died from the poisonous booze.

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The most disgusting way of making alcohol was the so called: latrine Brandy.

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Most likely another pipe dream from a government-funded institute. Why is our tax money wasted on devising a weird, at-best niche market alcoholic beverage? Leave sake-making to the private sector.

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Sure, nothing wrong with drinking something that makes you blind (as in sightless).

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not sure also that the extra 6 months of life are worth not drinking

But that extra six months without alcohol will seem like forever. :-)

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If it turns out as good as some of the Japanese Whisky that's available then it would worth investing in a bottle.

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Hopefully it doesn't take 100 years, like it took Nikka Whiskey, to become world class.

In other news:

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